Best Toys for Newborns That Encourage More Interaction


Your newborn’s first few months of life may seem to be only about feeding, changing diapers, and tracking sleep patterns. However, these little creatures will soon start to become curious about the world around them. So, it’s your role as a parent to create the proper environment for your child to develop right and learn more about their surroundings.

One of the best activities for your child’s development is playing with toys. Through playtime, children of any age can learn a lot about the world around them which will help them develop many important skills. Studies show that playtime has a huge impact on the child’s mental and physical development, yielding a higher IQ level the time the child reaches the age of 3.

Since playtime plays such a crucial role in every child’s development, choosing the best infant toys can be tricky sometimes. This is especially true when it comes to toddlers because it’s hard to predict which toys they’ll enjoy and find interesting. Introducing the right kind of toys can make all the difference for newborns. You should take clues from your baby and find out which toys they naturally latch onto and get similar ones.
baby play with with toys for infant

This way, the baby will be challenged to learn more about patterns, shapes, and colours which promote a better cognitive function as well as better hand-eye coordination. However, there are still various things you will need to consider when buying toys for newborns.

What to Consider When Buying Toys For Newborns


Children have a lot of fun playing with their favourite toys, however, it’s important to note how safe are the toys they play with. You should always read labels before buying a toy to make sure it is age-appropriate. For instance, choking is considered most dangerous for kids under the age of 3 because they tend to put objects in their mouth. For this reason, make sure that the toys are bigger than your child’s mouth to prevent choking. Also, toys that are too loud may damage your child’s hearing.
baby playing with toys for babies

Considering your child’s temperament, habits and behaviour is a must before introducing a new play toy to them. When buying, avoid products that contain toxic materials as these may cause poisoning.


Have you ever wondered why most infant toys feature only high contrast colours such as black and white? One of the reasons is that babies cannot perceive colours correctly until 3 months. Toys with high contrast hues are easier for babies to interpret, improve their memory and develop their nervous system.

Stimulating your baby’s vision is a crucial factor for encouraging the proper development of your child’s cognitive and motor skills. Painting the baby’s nursery room with bright, lively colours and gradually adding more hues in their surroundings can have a big impact on the child’s emotional wellbeing and behaviour.

Colour recognition is an important aspect of the first few months of every newborn. Providing a visually stimulating environment for your baby is also known to boost a child’s attention span and curiosity.


Besides colour, sound is the third major feature you should consider when choosing the appropriate toys for a newborn. Studies have confirmed that babies can recognize a melody long before they can understand words. Music is known to help activate certain neural pathways responsible for creating any necessary skills required later in life. Babies can benefit immensely from hearing the perfect sounds as this can have a soothing and stimulant effect on their overall health and brain development.

baby play with educational sound toy

Hearing is babies’ earliest sense that develops with time. Therefore, choosing the right toddler music toys can deeply affect your child’s emotional and physical well-being and improve their vocabulary and sensory skills.

Best Toys for Newborns

Every mom-to-be and newborn deserve special attention. Sure, they need lots of stuff, however, when it comes to toys for the babies you want to make sure you choose the best ones. But how do you choose which toys are right for your child? What toys are appropriate for a newborn? You can check out our selection of new mom and baby gift ideas for the most wanted toys for infants.

Cloth Book

Introducing a small cloth and board book is a great way to introduce some colour and fun into your toddler’s life. These handmade toys won’t tear up easily, are made from BPA-free polyester, are washable, have no sharp edges, are non-toxic, they are skin-friendly, and most importantly safe for infants.
Christmas cloth book

They are fun, interactive and can stimulate the child’s sensory functions by letting them use their hands and brains. Cloth books will make the perfect infant toys for any newborn. They are the very best and among the first books, you can introduce to your little one. Each turning page presents a new surprise and the bold illustrations and bright colors will keep your child engaged.

Natural Rubber Rattle & Teether Toys

Natural rattles & teether toys are a sure way to light up every baby’s face when they discover the rattling sound of their new toy. Babies like to put toys in their mouths as they get some comfort and relief during the teething process. These tethering toys are perfect for babies with sore gums offering something to chew on.

Rattles aren’t just a source of entertainment for babies but they can actually help babies develop their motor skills while learning to hold and shake their rattle in the air. These sweet toys are the perfect size for every little hand to grab them. Besides this, they are eco-friendly and biodegradable, which makes them perfect baby first toys, while promoting safe and healthy infant development.

Baby Music Box

A beautiful adorable music box will make a lovely gift for any proud mom and her newborn child. There are so many adorable designs that are perfect for a toddler’s first music box toy. For instance, you can decide to buy the Djeco Baby Music Magnetic Music Box that features a sweet little duo, an owl, and a bear, who dance to a pleasant and relaxing tune. You can simply wind it up and watch the animals dance round and round with the aid of a hidden magnet.

A quality wooden music box is sure to be a treasured infant toy for many years as it will help your child develop good motor skills, visual acuity, and music appreciation.

Wooden Puzzle

As kids can get quickly disengaged and lose interest, providing the right tools can help keep their minds constantly alert and ready to learn more. Education toys provide the best learning opportunities as they challenge the mind of the child, encouraging them to think. Toys such as wooden puzzles are sure to keep your toddler entertained whilst also learning new things.
wooden puzzle for kids

Different puzzles present varying levels of complexity. The more complicated the puzzle, the more energy and attention it will require from the child. Among the most popular wooden puzzles for newborns are toys usually known as shape sorters. They come in all different sizes, shapes, and designs. As children learn about shapes and figuring out how to place them in the correct sized hole, they keep their minds focused and entertained. This way they promote the child to think logically and help their mind grow and acquire basic motor skills.

Nursery Rhymes Board Book

We all have fond memories of learning rhymes at preschool and practicing them with our parents. Nursery rhymes represent a powerful learning source for your child’s early literacy process. Buying a nursery rhyme board book for your infant is an ideal toy. For instance, you can decide to buy Ditty Bird rhyming board books. This book has been specifically designed to promote language skills, auditory and music development. It features bright colorful illustrations and children can exercise their motor skills by pressing the different sound buttons.