Better Health: The Benefits of Massage Chair


Who doesn’t crave a relaxing massage after a long day at work? Massages increase the production of endorphins and provide a profound sense of relaxation. But people also get massages for a variety of other reasons beyond relaxation, including pain treatment and maintaining a healthy blood flow and flexible muscle structure.

If you’re wary of paying for spa treatments, and want to save time on trips to the salon, you might want to consider investing in a massage chair. A massage chair, just like a therapy chair, can help with your health and back problems. While the conventional massage treatment is not the same as an electric massage chair, most of them do provide a lot in terms of pain relief and relaxation.

Reasons to Buy a Massage Chair

Massage chairs provide several physical and mental health benefits. Many of these are already mentioned, but if you’re not convinced yet, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should acquire a recliner massage chair.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

One of the most essential rewards of purchasing a massage chair is that it increases your body’s endorphin levels. Endorphins are analgesics, which implies that they reduce pain perception. Endorphins attach to the same neuron receptors that certain pain relievers do so, in addition, this can help regulate stress and anxiety levels.


Better Quality Sleep

Your mood and sleep should both improve when your brain functions properly and produces appropriate levels of happy hormones and melatonin. This is a smart way to help people who suffer from insomnia.


Reduce Lower Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most burdensome impairments for people, particularly among middle-aged folks. If you suffer from back ailments or discomfort, these are a few more reasons to buy a massage chair. The rollers on the chair can treat the spinal segments of your back that are causing you discomfort. This will relieve the muscular tension that is preventing your mobility and proper movements.

Deals with Cardiovascular Disease

Patients who combine standard medical treatments with massage methods have more stamina, muscular strength, and mental focus. And this goes for patients who suffer from cardiovascular conditions too.

Massages stimulate blood circulation in the body and the absorption of important nutrients into the tissues and muscles by removing toxins from the massage area, which improves lymphatic and venous flow. This effectively lowers blood pressure and eliminates the possibility of any potential blood clots in patients.

While chair massage is typically safe, patients should be mindful of intense massage sessions and should try to gradually develop their massage tolerance.

What to Consider When Buying a Massage Chair

There are a vast amount of options commercially available. Some chairs offer a single feature, but others incorporate severe; massage techniques in one chair. Let’s discuss the options you have when you decide to purchase a recliner massage chair.

Adjustment of Massage Intensity

Since everyone’s taste for massage differs it’s only fair to have a variety of massage types and alternatives accessible. As a result, the majority of massage chairs on the market today allow you to alter the intensity, pace, position, and time period of the massage. The pressure and speed levels allow you to control the intensity of the airbags and roller frequency, and they’re the two most typical features in massage chairs.


Body Scanning Features

The automated body scan provided by chairs is possibly the most advanced and beneficial technology feature on the market. It is easier to scan and measure your body rather than manually alter the parameters.

After a scan, the chair will access its memory of the recorded acupressure spots. The data from the finished scan will be used to determine the pattern of your body and start the massage. Because each individual is structured differently, there are various defined modes to use.

Heat Therapy

Another beneficial feature that luxury massage chairs offer is heat treatment. Some high-tech chairs can deliver the suitable amount of heat permeating the body is required to successfully loosen up stiff muscles and release body tension. This has a healing and soothing effect on the tightness and knots in your muscles. The benefits of a chair massage are doubled when it’s combined with heat therapy.

One thing to keep in mind while using heat treatment is that you should only use it for the specified amount of time. Otherwise, you risk overworking your muscles. After the massage program is completed, you may just rest on your chair with the features turned off.

Zero Gravity Chairs

One of the most restorative chair layouts is considered to be Zero Gravity, which guarantees the least amount of stress delivered on the body. The creator of this type of chairs is NASA, and they were developed to help astronauts cope with the gravitational stress of rocket launch.


With Zero Gravity mode, your thighs are aligned with your back to increase relaxation and eliminate discomfort. Zero Gravity leverages the user’s body to keep him on top of the rollers for a deeper massage, as well as to increase circulation in the legs and feet and reduce swelling.

The Shiatzu Treatment

Shiatsu chair massagers use a technique derived from the well-known Japanese Shiatsu method. The rollers imitate the same technique, providing pressure as if with thumbs, elbows, feet, or hands. The chair employs both airbags and power rollers and works with the whole body. This method may reduce headaches, ease painful symptoms of chronic arthritis and increase blood circulation in the body.

Portable Massage Chairs

When searching for a portable massage chair, take the time to look at the precise measurements of the chair you’re considering buying. Some portable chairs may be too large for the purpose you intend to use them for, and may not fit where you need them to be.

Therefore, portable massage chairs are more popular among professionals who travel frequently. Since it’s more convenient than a massage table, portable chairs are an excellent chance for the therapist to expand their clientele by offering massage session at home or at different locations.