Easy Ways to Improve a Slouching Posture


Hunching posture is more than just rounded shoulders. It’s a sign of poor body posture that can be mainly caused by sitting at a computer on a daily basis, sitting on a poor chair and looking at your phone all the time. Even though slouching can also be caused by carrying lots of heavy bags, the aforementioned things are the main causes. It’s the most common reason for slouching in children as well, especially in those who spend lots of their time on phones or playing games on their computer. Either way, this can be resolved with the right approach.

Supportive Back Brace

Man lift heavy carton wearing support belt for protect his back, blurred background of worker lift cartons
source: gsmedicalcenter.org

Except for being unsightly, poor posture and rounded shoulders can also contribute to feeling lots of pain in the entire back and in the area around your shoulders and neck. Unfortunately, this won’t only affect your well-being and how you deal with your daily chores, but it’ll also affect your mood and productivity at work.

The easiest way for fixing this is by wearing support brace. Usually made of soft padded fabric that won’t cause you any additional discomfort, a support back brace designed to correct round shoulders can improve your body posture. By wearing it regularly, this back brace for back pain will help you engage your back muscles and stretch out your upper back which will result in improved body posture and reduced physical pain.

By stretching out the upper muscles, this handy item can also reduce severe pain in the neck and shoulder area. These back improving braces are available in numerous designs, fabrics, padding, and sizes, providing you with the chance to find the perfect fit for you. Being made from machine-washable fabric, this makes them easy to care for which is just another thing that can be added to their benefits list.

The best of all is that the back brace for back pain can also act as an invisible ally that can be worn under clothes. So, in those times when the pain is unbearable, and you need your brace to fix everything even when at work, you can simply wear it under your clothes and no one will notice. Even if you choose a brace with more padding, the brace won’t be that bulky and it’ll still allow you to wear it under clothes. 

How Many Hours a Day Should You Wear a Back Brace?

Generally speaking, these braces should be worn only for several hours per day in order to prevent core weakening. However, not all body and shoulder postures are the same, which is why you should ask your doctor for recommendations that can be made based on your personal case.

Ergonomic Chairs

ergonomic chair in a office
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Ergonomic chairs do matter when it comes to reducing back pain and stiffness. Unlike regular office chairs, ergonomic desk chairs are designed to help you sit comfortably even for extended periods of time. Even though available in different designs, styles and sizes, ergonomic desk chairs have all the needed support in all the right places in order to help you get rid of the annoying back and neck pain, much like the convenient support back brace.

Having great lumbar and back support, these chairs are great in preventing slouching or fixing it in case you already have it. Usually, they have adjustable armrests which are designed to support your arms and elbows, causing no pain or discomfort when using the keyboard or mouse. This, on the other hand, can lead to decreased shoulder and neck pain.

Additionally, ergonomic chairs have an adjustable seat which will allow you to adjust the seat properly so your feet could lay flat on the floor without causing any discomfort in the hip area. Consequently, this can also lead to feeling less pain in the lower back. These chairs also have an adjustable seat depth and contour of the seatback that is designed to support your overall back, encouraging you to sit properly.

And fortunately, all of these features on ergonomic chairs can lead to improved body posture and no shoulder slouching. By feeling no pain and discomfort in the body, you’ll feel more productive which can positively impact your work and mood. So, when searching for the right ergonomic chair, it’s mandatory for you to choose a model that can meet your personal needs.

Otherwise, you risk investing in something that won’t pay off. The best of all about these chairs is that they’re also available in numerous colours, fabrics, and designs, so they could easily fit in any type and style of office. As you can see, both supportive body posture items can help you significantly. But the last thing you should know is that slouching can also be prevented by doing some easy exercises. They can be done even when wearing a back posture brace or sitting on an ergonomic chair.