Explaining the Different Types of Weidmuller Crimping Tools


Crimping tools have been around for quite a long time now and they have almost completely replaced soldering as the only way of joining wires together. With a quality set of crimping tools, you can make a non-detachable connection straight away and there are rarely such tools that can guarantee that. One of the most popular ones that can actually do that are Weidmullers crimping tools. With crimping tools from Weidmuller there’s no way for you to get poor connections as they comply with international standards and regulations. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of them.



The CTI 6 is made for insulated and non-insulated cable lugs and it also has a variety of connectors available to meet all your requirements. PVC, Polyamide and PC are just some of the connectors that make the CTI 6 available for all kinds of cross sections and cable lugs. As with all Weidmuller tools, the CTI 6 is made with precision engineering in mind, which means that the tool can have a high pressing force with little physical contact. Also, the mechanical function of this tool will guarantee that you will have a safe working experience no matter the conditions.


Stripax Plus

This is mainly a crimping tool that can also be used for stripping, which combines three functions together: stripping cutting and crimping. The Stripax Plus is a handy little tool that feeds the linked wire-end ferrules automatically in order to spare you from doing all that by yourself. It also has a release option in case you make an incorrect operation and it uses a ratchet for more precise crimping. Both stripping and crimping can be done between 0.5 mm² and 2.5 mm², also this tools has only one crimp station for the whole cross-section.


PZ 6 Roto

The PZ 6 Roto is made to crimp wire-end ferrules with or without plastic collars while the rotating die/crimp lets you insert the wire end ferrules either from the side or the front. It is meant to be used for wire sections ranging from 0.14 mm² to 6 mm² and like the previously mentioned crimping tool – this one also has only one die for the entirety of the cross-section range. Weidmuller tools are known for having unique features, which is also the case with the PZ 6 Roto as it has an automatic stop function.


PZ 6 Roto L

This is the more compact and versatile version of the PZ 6 Roto as you can use in places where the working area is very small. The PZ 6 Roto L has the same wire section crimping size as its bigger brother the PZ 6 Roto and it also has an automatic stop function. The insertion of the wire-end ferrules can be done from the sides or the front. It also has a lockable crimp insert which makes for a more reliable connection and an ergonomic handle making this tool very comfortable to work with.