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A new and unfurnished home can be an exciting challenge. Like a blank canvas, there are just so many ways you can express yourself. But as fun as furnishing your home may be, it’s easy to make a lot of beginner mistakes that can have disastrous results. With that being said, here are some great tips that can help you create a home that looks good and feels good.

designers furniture

Quality Above All

Although a piece of furniture might seem like a real bargain, you can end up paying more for it than you like. Something that’s cheap is usually poorly made and will show its true colours very soon. With that being said, it’s better to pay more for a quality stand-out piece that you’ll love and use for years. However, not all high-end designer furniture can automatically make your home beautiful.

When it comes to designer furniture Australia experts recommend paying attention to the materials used. Although a designer stool might come with a high price tag, if it’s made of plastic it will make your home look cheap. With that being said, try to look for quality hardwood pieces with a nice, polished finish that will make your home shine and can last for decades – ultimately proving to be a smart investment. Furniture made of woods such as oak, walnut and maple is considered to be timeless both in style and durability.

Find Your Style

If you want to create a space that you love and feel perfectly at home in, try to pick furniture that speaks to you. Instead of making timid choices or picking a style just because it’s currently popular, stand up and express your personal taste. Are you a fan of the traditional and are worried that your space will feel outdated? French provincial, cottage and Victorian are all styles that have aged really well into modern times.

Besides settling for a particular design theme, another way to make your space look pulled together is by choosing a specific colour palette. When you have a certain colour palette in mind, it’s much easier to shop for designer furniture Australia wide. However, make sure that the colour palette fits the theme. For instance, Scandinavian spaces demand a palette dominated by white and neutrals or pastels.

Create Balance

Some people want their furniture arrangement to be perfectly symmetrical, while others are utterly bored by this. No matter what group of people you fall into, a balanced space is pleasing to everyone. But how can you achieve a nicely balanced space? Well, the trick is to use the same amount of large and small furniture pieces. For instance, you can counteract a large sofa with two small armchairs or side tables next to it. Similarly, use a mix of hanging fixtures and floor lights. When you get your lighting in on the balance game, your space will be Zen-like in no time.

Give Every Room an Accent

And finally, it’s very important to add something that will contrast with the rest of the arrangement in a tasteful way. By adding some contrast, you essentially make the rest of the room stand out more. For instance, you can spice your living room’s seating with the addition of a bold lounge chair in a colour that differs but still complements, the main colour palette. In the dining room, your accent pieces can be two mismatched chairs at the ends of the table. Apply the same principle to the rest of your rooms and see how they become instantly uplifted.