Elegance & Rusticity: How to Create a French Provincial Kitchen


French Provincial Kitchen

There’s something about rustic and traditional styles that can make a house feel like a home. And one such popular style is French provincial. Originating in the 18th century, the French provincial style is known for its warm, rustic appeal, which also shows strong hints of elegance and polish. As a result, this style offers a nice balance between chic and earthy.

With that being said, if there’s one room of the home that can benefit the most from French provincial design, it’s the kitchen. That’s because the kitchen is the heart of the home and as such it’s best decorated in the elegant and welcoming way which French provincial is known for. So, if you’re planning to create this look for your kitchen, here are some great tips.

Rustic & Ornate Cabinetry

In the kitchen, the cabinetry has a dominant spot, which means choosing French provincial sideboards and cupboards is the best way to capture the essence of the style. With that being said, look for cabinetry that is handcrafted out of quality woods and which has a charming aged or weathered look. You can even purchase genuine antique cupboards and sideboards or pieces made of reclaimed wood. But if you’re not able to find such pieces, a brand new French provincial sideboard with deliberate distressing may be a great solution. When shopping for brand new kitchen furniture, look for pieces that have traditional details and elegant curves reminiscent of Rococo architecture which French provincial style is largely influenced by. And when it comes to choosing a French provincial sideboard, look for one that has large glass doors in order to showcase your delicate China and tablecloths which can create a more homey atmosphere.

Kitchen Sideboard

A Palette Dominated by White

In a French provincial kitchen, there should be only one colour that dominates – warm white. Warm white is a gentle colour that creates an air of sophistication. The best way to add this colour to your kitchen is to paint the walls warm white, not stark, and choose furniture pieces such as a French provincial sideboard in a clean white finish. In addition to white, you can use hints of other colours as long as you keep the colour palette simple and neutral. Whatever colours you choose to add, they should be gentle, like for instance pale blue, buttery yellow or soft lavender.

Decorative Items

As far as decorative accessories are concerned, you generally don’t need too much. An iron rooster as the most popular symbol of Province and some wooden frames with scenes resembling the picturesque French countryside are perhaps all you need. This type of kitchen works best when the air is free to circulate and carry the lovely scent of home-cooked food.