Garden Beds: A Great Way to Create a Garden of Any Size


In this era of so called “organic food” that has flooded our food markets, the decision to make your own veggie garden is more than expected – it’s required. For the sake of health mostly, being responsible for the food you put in your system should be a priority, not just something you’re willing to consider. That being said, one option for going completely green even in the food you take, would be creating your own veggie garden. No worries, you don’t have to own a garden, nor a large backyard to have the space for it. All you need is to look for a few garden beds for sale in specialized gardening supplies stores or online retailers. Then naturally, you need to consider what is it that you use most frequently in your diet and plant it, preferably in abundance.

I’ll concentrate here on the convenience called a garden bed. It is also known as a garden box and serves for growing small plots of veggies and other plants, like flowers for instance. Garden beds can be used even in gardens, they don’t have to be used for gardening purposes only in spaces where there isn’t a possibility to plant directly in the ground. The benefits these garden beds offer make them a preferable option for planting even when you have large green spaces on disposal. For starters, they prevent soil compaction, provide amazing drainage and prevent pests such as slugs and snail from attacking your plants. On top of it all, a garden bed allows the gardener to plant earlier in the season, as they keep the soil warm and well drained.

Raised Garden BedsNow, it’s important to choose the right crate. You can always try and do it yourself, but I can guarantee you that won’t have a very long life span. Eventually rain and moisture along with pests will do their thing and destroy your crate. However, the market offers a very fancy solution to that problem: in some garden beds for sale online actions you’ll find recycled, lined crates with styrofoam that can prolong the life of the crate for up to 10+ years.

How to Do It?

Since these are small crates, you can use as much as you want. That allows you to determine the size of your DIY garden: if you use less crates, you’ll have a small garden, and with more beds filled with plants you’ll be able to create a larger veggie garden. The entire procedure is rather simple, take a look.

  1. Choose the right place for the garden beds – make sure they’re placed so that they get enough sunlight and warmth, moisture and air. This is quite important for both the plants’ and the soil’s quality.
  2. Once you placed them properly, plant the seeds. Some garden beds come with a specialized soil mixture which is quite convenient, especially if you’re a first-time gardener.
  3. And finally, make sure you maintain your garden beds regularly. From time to time you’ll need to clean the piled dirt on the edges or side walls of the bed as this small pile may contain some pests that will eventually pose as a problem to your plants.

All in all, the fact that garden beds allow you to make your own garden in the comfort of your backyard or balcony truly is a bliss – both for your healthy lifestyle and for the fact that you don’t have to rush to the farmer’s market every time you need a little mint for your mojitos.