M&J Chickens: Your Main Source of Wholesale Poultry


Running a competitive business such as a restaurant in Australia means you’ve got to think up a business plan and make wise decisions to stay in the game and ahead of the competition. Putting it all together with the right supplies, furnishings, and uniforms is only one part of the deal – there’s also the important consideration and investment in ingredients.

After all, food is the backbone of this business! One perfect example that sheds light on this is the choice of distributors, specifically choosing between retail and wholesale. You may be fine with retail prices up until you do the math and compare how beneficial buying in bulk can be.

It guarantees you always have your own supply of fresh and varied ingredients, it ensures you have an easy and economical purchasing experience, as well as timely delivery – so long as you choose a trustworthy wholesaler. In terms of poultry, specifically, you can put all your trust in M and J Chicken supplies of premium quality.

Why M&J Chickens?

They aren’t market leaders in what they do for no reason. The company has made its name in poultry wholesale distribution ever since their beginning in 1982. The story started with Mina Souris and his wife Jenny, and the business continues to be family-owned to this day.

Part of the decades-long success of M and J chicken company lies in their investment in careful sourcing from farms with free-range practices and no artificial hormonal foods and implementing the latest technologies for production, warehouse, and distribution. This would explain why they’ve catered to various restaurants, cafés, hotels, and clubs, as well as airlines, health and aged care facilities, and correctional and quarantine facilities across the country, and even abroad, over the years.

Their accreditations and certifications also speak for their reliability, as they’ve got GMP, SGS, HACCP approvals and HALAL and ISO certifications that further prove the quality of their products which are both fresh and controlled to give you the peace of mind you need for the business. And should you require more reassurance, keep in mind they also invest heavily in the facilities and the transportation methods.

Two of their well-known production systems include the ProFlex cutting line resulting in chickens with various clean and accurate cuts, and the deboning system by Baader/Linco that removes the bones in a jiffy. The advanced x-ray technology is also part of the reason why M & J Chickens are so highly deemed in the poultry industry – they rely on this to ensure the chicken that ends up on people’s plates is nice and clean, without any bone or other foreign object.

Other equipment bits that stand out include the spiral freezers and spiral ovens for rapid freezing and rapid cooking respectively. The freezers are advanced so they don’t alter the chickens’ shape, colour or taste which is a huge plus, especially in today’s food industry where customers care and know more about food quality. The ovens evenly cook the products at safe temperatures so nothing is over or undercooked.

And, after all of this is done, they count on the high-end pasteurizer to keep the products safe throughout their shelf life. Lastly, they take care of the whole process of distribution and tracking to ensure timely delivery to your restaurant. All at a more affordable price than you would expect to pay with retail!

M&J Chicken Products
Source: www.thenovicechefblog.com

The M&J Chickens Products

Once you take a look at the vast range of M and J chicken products, you’d never think of buying elsewhere again. They offer you the chance to pick from both fresh and cooked options, and the even more advantageous chef’s creations that are ready-made meals consisting of poultry with rice, pasta, noodles, or vegetables, perfect if you’re pressed for time and need something tasty and easy to heat up and serve.

The range of fresh chicken includes game, breast fillets, kebabs, thighs, schnitzel, whole chicken cut in pieces, and wings – some of which are pre-marinated if you prefer something easier to prepare. The range of cooked chicken includes the spatchcock, tenderloin, char grill, wings, and bites so you have different options in different sizes, as well as the heat and serve options of oven-roasted and shredded delicacies.

Whether you want your chicken with or without skin and bones, they can also provide this for you, as well as recipes of tasty poultry-based meals that would keep the customers coming back for more in case you’re in need of some inspiration. Additional products you can choose from are duck, quail, turkey, and beef available under the chef’s creations.

All things considered, making the choice of buying wholesale from M&J as your main poultry supplier means you’re setting your business up for years of success. It would help you stay ahead in profits, consistency, efficiency, and even eco-friendliness as you’d be able to significantly cut down on waste. What more could you wish for?!