Out of the Gym and Onto the Streets: How a Pair of Sneakers Can Affect Your Look


Newsflash! Sneakers are officially out of the gym and onto the streets! Though they had their start as special footwear designed for athletes, today sneakers are the primary staple of urban fashion. Finally, a trend that values comfort! Because sneakers are considered a fashion statement, deciding on the right pair is even more difficult now. After all, while nobody pays attention to how you’re dressed in the gym, when you’re out on the streets, it’s important that you look your best.

Street Sneakers (2) These days, street sneakers come in an endless range of styles, shapes, and colours. With so many options at your disposal, it can be hard to determine what suits your wardrobe the best. If your wardrobe is not that edgy and you want something you can wear every day, a basic type of sneaker can be the smartest choice. Cucks, Cons, canvas kicks or whatever you may call them, are the most versatile street sneakers. They go well with denim, chinos, shorts and pretty much all types of casual pants. These sneakers are perfect for smart casual events or for wearing them to work if there’s no strict dress code in place.

Street Sneakers (3)

Of course, there are some of you who’d want their sneakers to completely dominate their outfit. The massive models of classic sport sneakers are the perfect eye-catching piece for your urban outfit. Whether it’s Jordans, Pumps, or 90s – these classic sport sneakers are popping with personality and colour. You can wear them with slim-fit jeans and a loose T-shirt shirt or chequered shirt for a cool, casual outfit, or wear them to complement your baggy, hip hop look.

Street Sneakers (4)

It may sound strange, but did you know that street sneakers also come in high-end, designer versions? Well, apparently they do. Today, designer sneakers are commonly seen replacing the boring, old brogues and Oxfords that used to be part of many guys’ formal outfits. These beautiful, lux specimens can be worn to refined events, graduation parties and even on the red carpet, and still look stunning just like their formal counterparts.

Street Sneakers (1)

Regarding street sneakers, fashion rules are meant to be broken. Always consider the colour and type of material when you match your clothes with the kicks, but don’t let that deter you from experimenting with your look. We’re out of the dark ages (a.k.a pre 2000s era) where comfy kicks were only seen on people jogging around or in your local gym. A carefully curated outfit spiced up with some cool sneakers can reveal to be quite the street style-worthy look.