Give Your Sunglasses a Second Chance With Replacement Lenses


Sunglasses are a great addition to many outfits – from rocking the urban style on the streets to dressing up for a wedding. They’re also quite necessary for eye protection, as the Australian sun can be merciless. Getting a pair that both looks good and keeps you protected is hard enough, but what happens when a lens gets damaged or its coatings fade? Or, what if you’d like a different set of lenses? Is it over for your favourite pair?

Any sunglasses, no matter the brand, can get damaged. Storing them properly can definitely prevent this, but it can only take one slip up for something to go wrong. Accidents happen. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should throw that pair away and plunge into the complex shopping process all over again. Even in the case of you needing a different set of lenses for a different setting, it’s not necessary to buy a whole other pair. There’s a simple solution and it’s all about replacement lenses!

Replacement Lenses: What You Need to Know


Any designer-brand pair of shades can have their lenses replaced. Even Revo, which have those quite intricate Revo sunglass lenses they’re known for. You can shop replacement lenses for Revo sunglasses and many other brands online. It’s very convenient and very easy to do. We’ll get into that process in a minute.

The reason we chose Revo as an example is because of the way they make their lenses. They use NASA-grade technology to engineer and produce their lenses, which come with many special features. The lenses themselves are very detailed, consisting of multiple layers, and have various protective coatings. They also differ in colour, depending on what you want to get out of your sunglasses. Revo concentrates on offering maximum protection paired with excellent visual performance.

Each coloured lens offers different specs and is meant to be used in different environments. To say the least, they are very customisable and well-made. In addition, no matter the colour, they all have a polarised film to help prevent eye strain and diminish glare. Also, each set offers 100% UV light protection, which is extremely important for the health and protection of the eyes while outside.

If you’ve invested in a pair of Revos, you already know what we’re talking about. You also know that their shades can get quite pricey, starting at around $200, and going up.

It might sound impossible that such Revo lenses can be replaced, but it’s very, very possible. There are companies out there who’ve recognised the need to be able to replace only the lens and not the whole pair of shades. They’ve put much work into producing lenses that are up to par in quality and performance alike, and not only for Revos.

You can get replacement lenses in regular stores, but it’s quite convenient that you can find such stores online, too. They usually offer detailed information so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for. You also get a step-by-step guide on how to replace the lenses yourself, cutting down the cost and simplifying the process.

Here’s how that goes.

How to Buy Replacement Lenses Online

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First thing’s first, you need to know the brand, model (frame), and lens size of your shades. You can find this information in the box they came in. If you’ve already thrown it away, don’t worry. It’s common practice for manufacturers to imprint this information on the arm of the shades too, so you can look there. The model number usually comes first and the lens size is the little number typically imprinted before a little square.

When you have your model number and lens size, you only need to type the model number into the designated search bar and find the lenses that match. If it’s a well-stocked store, they’ll have them. If they don’t, they might be able to make you a custom pair.

Next up, you need to carefully examine the results that show up. Check if everything matches what you have at home. If it does, you’re ready to order. Choose from the variety of available lens colours, decide whether you want them to be polarised or not, and see if you’d like any special coatings added, depending on what you’re looking for. When you have all that down, order them and sit back. They’ll arrive soon enough.

How to Install Replacement Lenses At Home

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How easy it is to replace your lenses usually depends on how easy it is to remove them. There are several types of sunglasses frames – frames with screws, clip-in frames, and frames that have neither, usually plastic ones. There’s a different procedure for each and it varies in difficulty.

Frames with Screws

It’s simple enough with these. You need to unscrew those screws so you can get your old lenses out, put the new ones in the proper crevice, and then screw everything back together. Voila!

Clip-in Frames

The clip-in frames are easy enough too, though you need to be a bit more careful. They can usually bend, but the lenses are securely tucked into the grooves to prevent them from falling off. To replace lenses on these frames you need to pull downwards at the lens, starting at the inner point. Once the old lens pops out, you can put the new one in by pushing it up into the groove, starting from the outer edge. Once you hear a nice pop again, bend your frames a bit to make sure your lenses have landed securely in the groove. Congrats!

Plastic Frames

It gets a bit tricky with the plastic frames. They can be made of either thin or thick plastic, but the method for both is the same. The difference is in the sturdiness of the plastic and how much pressure you can put. Sometimes there’s going to be the need to heat up the frame a bit to loosen it up, but if you’re one for a DIY project, you shouldn’t have an issue!

Removing lenses from such frames starts by putting your fingers on the lens and the frame. Then, you need to push the frame away while pulling the lens in the opposite direction. We know it might sound scary, but it’s really not! Soon enough, the lenses will part from the frame and you’ll be able to install your replacement lenses. To do this, start from the outer edge. Push the lens in the crevice and work to get it in all the way through the inner edge. When it clicks in place at the top make sure the bottom part is secured as well. Touch around the edges with your fingers to make sure everything is in its right place. Ta-da!

If you don’t want to do any of this by yourself, though, there is the option to mail in your shades so you can get a custom-made set of lenses for them and have professionals do the installation. When they’re finished, they’ll mail them back to you.

Proper Care to Prolong the Life of Your New Lenses

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Now that you have your new lenses installed, it’s time to talk about how to properly look after them.

First, you’ll need a good, hard pouch you can store them in. Soft pouches exist too, but they aren’t as safe as the hard ones. There’s a risk of damaging the frame or the lenses as they can’t protect against impacts like hard ones do.

Next up, lens care. A microfibre wipe usually comes with any pair of shades you purchase and is also usually included when you order replacement lenses online. This is the optimal tool to clean your lenses with. Any other wipes or products may damage the lens itself or the special coatings it has on. It’s best to stick to the simplest way.

Lastly, when you store your shades, always have them upside-down. This means that you need your shades to rest on what’s their top part, with the arms pointing upwards. It’s also important to note that wearing your shades on the top of your head or around your neck isn’t advisable. It may be practical, but it can also be damaging. Keep that pouch around for when you don’t need them to keep them safe.

To Sum Up

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No matter what brand your shades are, you can find replacement lenses for them online. It’s an easy process and it allows you to breathe new life into your old sunglasses. Whether you’re looking for complicated replacement lenses for Revo sunglasses or for some much simpler sets, we’re sure you’ll find something that meets your expectations.

If you ask us, it’s much better to get a set of new lenses instead of buying a whole new pair of sunglasses, especially if you already like the ones you have and the frame is alright. It saves you time and money. Replacement lenses start at around $40, while a new pair of quality sunglasses can go up into the hundreds.

If you’ve decided on getting replacement lenses, always make sure they come from a known manufacturer. Not everyone online is legit. Look around in the reviews section and see what others have to say. It’s usually the best way to tell if the product is good or not. A website can look fantastic, but the product they sell might be a low-quality one. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to make sure you’re getting what you’re promised!