What Makes Headtorches Such Valuable Investments?


To an outdoor enthusiast any opportunity for a break becomes an opportunity to explore more of what the grand outdoors has to offer, embarking on another unforgettable adventure in nature.

I’m aware not everyone is keen on the idea of spending days and nights far away from home, hiking through all sorts of terrains and sleeping in tents but it’s the kind of experience that teaches you how to rely on yourself first and foremost, trusting your skills.

Additionally you also learn how to prepare well for the trip or emergency situations, getting to know how to choose the right footwear, clothing and gear in general, along with the adequate tools. Sure, you’d bring high tech devices, GPS and phones but you can’t underestimate the necessity to have a suitable multi-tool.

Likewise, you’re going to find headtorches most useful because they offer the best of torches and the freedom to roam around with your hands free. Since there are many options, apart from choosing based on the price and brand you prefer don’t forget to consider the specifications and what would truly be needed for your trip based on the activities you’d be doing.

This is important because headtorches that are suitable for general use won’t exactly be that ideal for caving, for example. Think of the light output, i.e. the lumens, the beam pattern, how lightweight do you want the design to be, properties such as water-resistance, modes and the type of batteries you like best, rechargeable or not.

What I love about having a headtorch is it proves to be useful even if you aren’t that much of a fan of the outdoors so it’s one of those valuable investments that are helpful around the house too. If you’re a night owl like me you find it difficult to read in bed when your partner is catching the z’s so having a headlamp has helped me stay tuned to my favourite stories and characters without disturbing my SO thanks to low mode.

Finding cleaning difficult spots and corners in the house mission impossible? Not anymore! The headlamp provides the needed light source for many chores, including repairing leaky faucets, storing items in the basement, working on a vehicle and even gardening at night or barbecuing when you don’t have light outside.

On the fun side, it can turn some usual games like hide and seek into so much more enjoyable allowing kids to hide around and chase in the dark. Yes, a headlamp is the perfect tool!