Here’s Why Self Watering Planters Would Ideally Fit Your Café’s Story


Running a successful coffee shop means constantly improving the setting and bringing in new details to enrich its design as to make it more pleasant for your customers while they sip a delicious cup of coffee. One way to do this is by including greenery in the form of ravishing plants which can add to the relaxing atmosphere. Plants never fail to give off a lively, vibrant look, especially to the terrace of the coffee shop, where people love to enjoy the fresh air, socialise, and drink their favourite drinks.

However, managing a coffee shop is time-consuming as it is and taking proper care of the plants means having to fit regular watering within an already hectic schedule. Luckily, there is a solution for this – self-watering cafe planter boxes. They are the ideal option because of the integrated self-watering system which enables plants to take as much water as they need WHEN they need it. So basically, you get plants that are looking after themselves and that is a convenience you do need in a coffee shop. The self-watering cafe planter boxes have a reservoir which is filled with water and the only thing you’ll need to do is check the water level indicator occasionally to see if you need to refill it.

Also, these planters enable the plants to retain all the nutrients which are constantly in the soil due to the closed system of the planters. The nutrients slowly diffuse with the water molecules and the roots of the plants are moisturised regularly. This is another advantage of the planters as they provide steady and healthy root growth which results in strong plants with healthy green foliage. So, you can choose from the different types of plants which can thrive well in self-watering planters, like peace lily, aloe vera, jade plant, succulents, spider plants, parlour palm, kentia palm and maidenhair fern or you can choose basil, mint or other scented and edible plants which can also be used in cocktails as well.

Apart from the decorative greenery, you can go for natural and fragrant plants like kaffir lime tree, jasmine, gardenia, eucalyptus and tea rose begonia and forget about chemical air fresheners. The scent they give off and their appealing look will certainly add to the welcoming atmosphere of the coffee shop.

Finally, by opting for a sleek timber design, an Accoya pine for example, with wheels for easy mobility, you’ll ensure that the cafe planter can be a flexible and aesthetically pleasing addition to the coffee shop, whether you decide to put it inside or outside on the terrace. Who can resist a cup of hot coffee in winter or a cold drink in hand in summer, right next to luscious greenery? I bet that the answer is – no one.