Intro Into Sustainability Through Modular Homes


We’ve been hearing a lot about sustainability lately practically everywhere, from talks about the nature and endangered species, to the trouble with waste in a consumerist world, getting rid of plastics and the need to recycle.

It’s easy to get motivated to adopt a sustainable lifestyle nowadays thanks to this rising eco-awareness but did you know you can make your dreams come true by opting to live in small modular homes? Apart from the amazing fact these homes are prefabricated the fact you can have them installed just about anywhere you dream of, including in the middle of nature, is absolutely fascinating.

small homes

This is so thanks to the off-grid design as well as the careful selection of materials with the focus being on using 100% recyclable materials inside and out (yes, you read that right!). Going off-grid means you’d be able to cut down on the costs you’ve been dealing with within a household and even get to save up with time.

These small modular homes prove downsizing isn’t nearly as scary as it might appear to some of us who like the thought of it but aren’t exactly fond of implementing minimalism ourselves, and is possible to pull it off more so as it allows us to truly connect with nature without doing so at the expense of giving up the luxuries of civilisation.

If you’re still giving it a thought perhaps this would convince you to become a fan of modular homes: they can be customised which translates to you have a say in the design, both in and out, as well as the choice of materials so you should expect to get a home that’s personalised and best speaks of you, your taste and lifestyle.

Best of all is the materials are eco-friendly, like low VOC paints and low formaldehyde products then of course sustainably sourced timbers and along with being great for the environment these are homes that are equally great for those who’d live in them.

small cabins

Though most of us are familiar with outdoor pollution, little do we know there’s the danger of indoor pollution lurking in our homes which is just as detrimental to the health and well-being, even more because we spend most of the day at home especially nowadays with the predominantly sedentary lifestyles we lead.

This gives you a notion as to why the prefabricated homes happen to be the better option. If you want to change your life for the better think of sustainability!