How to Rock Urban Style Outfits


What Is Urban Style?

Urban style began on the streets. It’s a ruffian look that emerged from neighbourhoods, not from some high fashion catalogue. The first strong impact of urban style occured during the 1980s. It all began in Seattle, where a street-inspired fashion known as “grunge” was born. The famous Kurt Cobain and other musical icons were the ambassadors who turned this style mainstream. This look officially became popular in 1992 when fashion designer Mark Jacobs previewed his then famous “grunge line.” To re-establish its success, Mark Jacobs also brought the famous collection into life back in 2018.

urban clothing
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Today, urban culture and urban clothing go hand in hand. This style is inspired by young people who live in urban cities and don’t need to follow fashion trends – they create them. Urban style is massive, and more and more new brands are rising. Urban clothes are comfortable, trendy, stylish, and everyone can wear them. If you’re looking for urban clothing and fashion ideas, keep in mind the following tips next time you plan an outfit for hitting the streets.

Keep It Comfortable

Since this style originates from the streets, it is meant to be worn on the street. Dressing urban can cause you 99 problems, but comfort is not one or them. Combine comfort with style by teaming up skirts and sneakers if you are a woman, and jeans and a moto jacket if you are a man. Slightly oversized cotton clothes are your best friends if looking for urban clothing that’s comfortable and stylish at the same time. Gear up with cargo trousers, sweatpants and lots of comfortable sneakers that can be your first choice for every combination. Remember not to wear anything that digs, pinches or otherwise constricts you.

Keep It Black or White

Although urban style allows you to mix and match different styles and colours, the basics always gravitate toward black, khaki and darker colours, in combination with white. Since urban means informal and requires an attitude, T-shirts and hoodies with a slogan are a must. Make sure you find ones that help you express yourself as a person.

Urban T-shirts
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Urban T-shirts

The most popular piece of urban clothes that connects this style with its hip hop and rap roots is the T-shirt. And the urban T-shirt is not just a regular tee – it’s one that expresses your mood of the day. The urban T-shirt is black, featuring a logo or slogan that speaks volumes about your mood, feelings, and personality. The message it delivers is so bold, that your mum can kick you out of the house because of it! It’s comfortable, it fits perfectly (or it’s oversized), and it’s 100% pure cotton.

The urban T-shirt can also be white, stretchy and with an artistic print. Your urban style wardrobe should feature a few white tees because this is a versatile piece you can wear with jeans, under dungarees or a jumpsuit, or over a dress. Guys can also stock up on some good urban tees to combine with jeans, sweatpants and baggy pants.

Urban Hoodies

When it comes to comfort and style, hoodies are leading the urban game. A hoodie is a great way to stay cool and warm at the same time. Choose a black hoodie with a simple design complemented by fat white drawstrings and generous front pocket to warm up your hands during cold days. Opt for a relaxed version that you can wear with a denim jacket, oversized bomber or a cropped jacket. It’s warm, it’s comfortable and it’s extremely versatile – everything you need for rocking that urban outfit.

Urban Beanies
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Urban Beanies

Dressing urban is not all about clothes – accessories are also important. The most iconic urban style accessory has to be the beanie hat. Adding a beanie to your outfit gives it a nonchalance note like you haven’t tried too hard. Besides that, handmade beanies will keep your head warm during cold days. Choose a black or grey beanie with your favourite brand logo upfront to match every combination. To add a little touch of glamour, add a pair of sunglasses.

Mix and Match

Dressing urban doesn’t come with strict rules, it’s about discovering your own fashion voice. You are allowed to mix and match formal with casual, as long as it expresses your personality. The truth is, only a few outfits can’t be adapted to the urban look. Rihanna has shown us that dressing urban can be done with high heels and shiny bags. Celebrities are constantly mixing and matching different styles to create the perfect urban look. Cut-off shorts can go perfectly with an oversized blazer. Dresses and skirts with sports sneakers are another powerful urban style combination. Also, ladies, do wear your favourite urban white T-shirt with a leather mini skirt! Guys, on the other hand, can add a swagger hat to their sweatpants and hoodies for a more relaxed and effortless look.