Reasons to Ditch the Mass-Produced & Start Using Handmade Ceramic Mugs


It’s really strange how we somehow get attached to simple things and objects, like mugs, for instance. Most people have a favourite mug in their home or office that they prefer to drink from. Except appealing to us with its look, this particular mug can certainly make everything in it taste better.

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But did you know that the mug material can play a huge role in how healthy your drink would be? Yup, that’s right. Even though made from quality material, sometimes the mug can have a coating that can be harmful to our health. When in touch with a hot beverage, the mug can leach some chemicals and toxins that can be quite dangerous when consumed.

Precisely this is the reason why all of us need to pay more attention when buying new things, even when it comes to mugs. So, when it the search for a new favourite mug, instead of laying your eyes on some fancy mass-produced one, opt for a simple ceramic mug- and even better if it’s handmade!

That way you will not only help some local small business, but you’ll also get to enjoy the real taste of different beverages and avoid ingesting toxins. Here some other reasons why you’d want to have a bespoke mug made of quality ceramics.

Handmade Ceramic Mugs Retain Heat Better

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When compared to other materials, ceramics is a winner in retaining heat. The reason why a ceramic mug can lose heat at a slower pace is that it’s porous. In other words, the little air pockets that are formed in the pores of a ceramic mug act as heat insulation, keeping that beverage of yours warm for a long period of time. These insulators, in fact, slow the process of conduction.

On the other hand, we also have convection, which is the loss of heat through contact with air. This means that once the mug warms up, it will lose heat through convection. However, ceramic is able to draw more heat from the liquid through the slower conduction. When compared to a glass mug, for instance, the heat loss in a ceramic mug will occur about 10 times slower than it would through a glass mug. And just like glass, ceramic mugs as well (even the handmade ones) are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Handmade Ceramic Mugs Are Better for the Environment

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When compared to plastic and styrofoam cups, ceramic mugs are way more beneficial for the environment, as the former cups are not biodegradable at all. They are also better than another eco-friendly material – glass. Ceramic mugs are lighter than glass mugs, which means that it requires less energy to be shipped. They are also a lot more durable. This certainly is something that you should think about if you want to reduce your impact on the environment.

Handmade Ceramic Mugs Make Everything Taste Better

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The reason why everything tastes better in ceramic mugs is because of the material’s texture, weight and comfort. The strangest thing is that it has been found that the material of the mug can affect the taste of the coffee. According to this study, coffee has a more intense flavour when served in white ceramic coffee mugs which is one of the reasons why Australian cafeterias and restaurants use them the most.

Handmade Ceramic Mugs Have a One-of-a-Kind Design

Since we are talking about handmade bespoke ceramic mugs, this means that they can be easily customised to represent any personality or even business. Depending on the manufacturer, you can even choose a customised set of ceramic mugs personalised with specific colours, details, shape and size. You can even order handmade ceramic mugs as a gift to someone close to you. This can be a great way to show your appreciation to someone.

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But even if you go for an existing design of mug, it will still be unique. Every ceramic handmade mug has a specific texture and speckles as a reaction from the heat used in the production process. And one thing is certain, these speckles surely give the product its own unique pattern which makes it different from any other. In the end, standing out from the others is always good, right?

They Can Be a Great Marketing Tool

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If you have a small business and want to evolve, mugs are a good way to gain more brand awareness. Besides improving your store collection with personalised handmade ceramic mugs, you can also implement them on some company event. You can either give them away to build brand awareness or sell them, but either way, people will start noticing your brand and work, and this is always a good way to become more successful.