Scandinavian Home Decor: Ways to Add the Nordic Vibe to Your Bedroom


From cosy textures to impactful design and neutral tones, the Scandinavian décor is the perfect fit for many homeowners who are looking for a stylish yet relaxed vibe in their homes. Since the hand-crafted details, varying textures, a balance of old and new elements, and eccentric touches that add character and personality of the Nordic vibe are here to stay, bedrooms, in particular, are a great place to try all things Scandinavian. After all, no room in the house benefits more from an organised but laid-back environment.

Let the Mirror Do the Talking

Scandinavian bedroom mirror

Having in mind how important mirrors in the bedroom are, you can take your Scandi bedroom decor to the next level with a stunning bedroom mirror made from the finest woods. When it comes to Nordic bedroom mirrors, it’s all about function and minimal forms. To maximize space in your bedroom, use a light wood mirror that leans against the wall. It can be moved without the use of any hammers, screws, nails, or other equipment. Hanging mirrors are equally valuable.

The size is another important consideration when getting the right Scandi-inspired mirror for your bedroom. Investing in a statement-making full-length design is one thing; hanging a simpler, smaller one on one of your bedroom’s walls is quite another. Form and function are the key criteria to use when choosing the right size.

The shape ought to work well with the rest of your space. It should blend in naturally rather than being an awkward addition that you feel compelled to put in. Do you plan to inspect your entire outfit in this mirror every day, or are you just interested in its aesthetics? In this regard, consider the differences between oval and rectangular mirrors for bedrooms, as well as between a circle shape and one with distinctive elements lining the sides.

Scandinavian décor comes with no strict rules about where you should place the mirror. Observe the room for a while. Consider it from several perspectives before selecting the ideal design. Think about how your mirror would appear on the wall directly across from your closet, or perhaps on the wall across from it. Try to visualize it on the wall across from the bedroom door. Alternatively, visualize a freestanding bedroom mirror situated in one of your room’s corners.

Layer with Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

Wallpapers are the perfect way to cover boring white walls and add some personality, especially when painting is not an option or when you want to add a specific pattern or themed design that wouldn’t work with plain paint. They are easy to install, leave no residue on the wall, and stick to any flat, smooth surface.

When narrowing down your choices, opt for nature-inspired wallpapers that will help you attain the Hygge aesthetic. Adding floral wallpaper to your bedroom will therefore instantly update and elevate it. Additionally, there are so many colours and designs to choose from that you won’t have any trouble selecting the perfect pattern for your idyllic Scandinavian bedroom.

Make the Bedframe the Centrepiece of the Room

Scandinavian bed

In the bedroom, everything starts and ends with the bed. Thus, you should take your time selecting the ideal bed frame. The first thing you should do is choose a classy Scandinavian bed frame that is made with quality and aesthetics in mind to create the ideal focal point for your Nordic bedroom decor. A robust bed frame made of solid oak wood, maple or pinewood is a terrific option. With their bare beauty of wood patterns and grains and urethane finish, they are all amazing and ready to elevate the look of your bedroom.

Prioritize Natural Materials and Textiles

Whether you have a conventional, trendy, or conservative Scandinavian-style bedroom, don’t forget to layer your beds carefully. Your bedding will look and feel cosier and lively if you layer it with textured blankets and cushions.

On the other hand, choose carpets that are cosy to walk on so you may feel at ease and home as soon as you step in. Consider floor layers featuring continuous, uncut loop texture, continuous smooth pattern, and level loop piles. A frieze carpet with a luxurious, tufty pile that is incredibly soft to the touch and smooth to walk on is an equally great option.

Drench in Neutrals

Living in a Hygge home is simple since it always looks great. Simple designs, muted hues, and natural materials are always in when going Scandinavian. Muted colours with hints of grey, black, or green are also typical for this décor style. You can effortlessly achieve the traditional Danish style by adding some plants and rustic accessories as well.

The design also frequently uses black and white patterns, which can be found in graphic prints on blankets, cushions, or artwork, among other things. The vertical black-and-white stripes of the drapes look great and provide a quirky element to the space. However, if you prefer a less stark white appearance, consider using a gentle bedroom colour like peach, pink, or lavender.