Little Bathroom Luxuries: Heated Towel Rails Buying Guide


If you need some extra love in the morning after you’ve showered, wrap yourself in a warm hug of your heated towel. Modern electric heated towel rails are efficient, practical, and attractive as a bathroom decor component.

Benefits of Placing Heating Rail in Your Bathroom


A heated towel rail is an excellent addition to any bathroom decor for a variety of reasons. It has exquisite towel storage, it’s multi-purposeful, and provides a designer highlight in the bathroom. Modern towel rails are also made to dry towels quickly, keeping them fresh and sanitary between washes. So, whatever the weather, from the depths of winter to the heights of summer, you can relax knowing that any heated towel rail you choose will provide you with all of the benefits as well as the soft comfort of a warm bath towel.

Bathroom Hygiene- Keeping Items Dry, Warm and Fresh

It’s easy to believe that simply drying yourself with a bath towel once you hop out of a shower will keep it clean for quite some time. However, bath towels can harbour a variety of bacteria that you may not want in your shower routine. There is nothing good about grabbing your towel after a bath and only finding it’s still damp from the previous shower. Install one of the many electric towel warmers for bathroom available in stores, and come out feeling pampered and revitalised every morning.

With that being said, the main purpose of a heated towel rail isn’t just to keep your towels warm but to keep the bacteria at bay. The heat kills germs, allowing your bath towels to last up to 90 per cent longer between uses, so they’re worth the rage when it comes to germ-fighting. Using a heated towel to dry your towels reduces the amount of moisture in the air, making the bathroom more sanitary.

Convenient Place to Hang Towels

Bathroom towels may take up a lot of area, which can be inconvenient when dealing with bathroom storage. Towel heaters are one of the few convenient ways to keep your towels nice and tidy in the bathroom. They’re an attractive storage solution and remarkably space-efficient for keeping your towels out of the way, and they provide a novel method to hang towels while also streamlining the look of your bathroom.

Just consider how many people will be using the bathroom and how many towels the towel rail will need to carry. For appropriate storage in big family bathrooms, a big rail with a large number of bars is required, while a tiny rail with only a few bars may be sufficient for smaller bathrooms and homes. Look for extra features like a handy storage shelf for clothes that will make your towel rail even more useful. Before making a decision, consider everything you’ll be using the heated towel rail for.

Save on Electricity

After a refreshing shower, there is nothing finer than drying off with a crisp, new towel, however, this may not be your current reality unless you wash and tumble-dry your towels on a daily basis. This is why heated towel rails are such an important bathroom accessory. When you drape a towel over the rails, the heat is retained raising the temperature to about 50-55 degrees.

Heated towel rails are designed with the environment in mind, and they require relatively little electricity and compared to the high-powered tumble dryer. Towels absorb a lot of water and stay damp for hours, so washing them after three to four uses is advisable. By employing a heating rail, you can extend the time between towel changes, and when you combine this with fewer washing loads, you’ll save a lot of water and power.

It’s a Stylish Addition to Your Bathroom

Heated towel rails may be a striking decorative element in the bathroom. Depending on your own style, modern designs might be bold and eye-catching or sleek and contemporary. There are options for any house, from single rungs to full ladder rails, stainless steel to black finishes.

If your heated towel rail is on your list for the new bathroom renovation, think about the appearance and feel you want your new bath to have. If it’s a late addition to an existing bathroom, you’ll have to match the rail with what you’ve already got. And, while fashion fads come and go, it’s important to remember that a conventional style may maintain its refinement for a long time.

Some Useful Features for Optimal Towel Rail Use


While a section of all the benefits that heated towel ladders provide may not seem especially exciting, there are important components that should not be overlooked when searching for the ideal heated towel rail. We consider these features to be vital if you ever decide to invest in one.

The Stainless Steel Option

If you want something that will last a long time, looks nice, and is easy to maintain, stainless steel is the way to go. It’s rustproof and won’t flake or chip like chrome. Made from one of the best grades of stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirror sheen, the stainless steel rail is one of the sleekest looking, contemporary designs.

Dry Element Technology vs Thermal Fluid Rails

The liquid heating element in thermal fluid electric rails is carefully designed for maximum heat generation and retention. The towel rail’s thermal fluid heating components enable effective heating with even distribution over the entire rail. When compared to dry element rails, liquid heated rails give more warmth to space and may take longer to achieve the desired temperature.

Towel rails with a dry element use tiny metal wires to heat the rungs. Towel rails with dry elements heat up fast and also save energy by just heating the towel rail’s horizontal struts. This is practical if you only use few parts of the rail, to dry your towels. The heating element warms the heating wires, which then transport the heat to the rails directly. This is a considerably quicker technique of heating the rails, which can take as little as 10 minutes to reach the optimal temperature.

Total Digital Control

Total digital control enables you to programme the rail to turn on automatically as required. Some electric towel warmers for bathroom can be programmed to turn on and off automatically, as well as alter the temperature, using a built-in programmable timer. With this feature, you may save up to 75% on running expenses by configuring your heated towel rack to operate only when you need it to.