Benefits of Having an Electric Longboard


Skateboarding has been popular for a very long time, which is why so many of its variants have evolved over the years. Performing cool tricks is just part of the skateboard’s enduring legacy. However, not everyone is interested in performing tricks. That’s where the longboard comes in. It’s a great way to cruise around the city, which is why its electric variants have been all the rage lately. They are a great transportation tool to use and there are a lot of benefits to using them.

What Exactly Are Electric Longboards

Remotely controlled electric longboard

Typical skateboards are incredibly popular, which is why it was inevitable for the electric variant to come out sooner or later. Even though longboards were originally considered an offshoot of the skateboard, they are now their own type of transport, with an even more popular electric variant. The motorised longboard can come in one of two variants. One is remotely controlled with a remote that controls the board’s speed and brake, while the other is controlled by shifting your weight in order to go forward, brake, or turn. The battery that powers the motor is placed under the deck, making the motor powered longboard sleek and powerful.

Quick and Easy Transport

Man using electric longboard

If you’re using a longboard, chances are you’re an urbanite that’s looking for a fast and reliable method of transportation in the city. A typical longboard is great for that, while a motorized longboard is even more amazing. You’ll be gliding through traffic like nothing while enjoying fresh air all the time. You won’t be stuck in a bus or on a commute, meaning you’ll save a lot of time while on the board. What’s also great about this is just how easy it is to ride a powered longboard. It doesn’t matter which type you’re using, you’ll have an easy time getting to and from anywhere.

Little Effort

Man riding electric longboard

It’s true that driving a car or riding the bus doesn’t take a lot of effort whereas a standard longboard or skateboard does. However, if there’s one thing that electric longboards trump pretty much everything else, it’s how little effort it takes to get going. Since it’s all electrically operated, you’ll be gliding through traffic like nothing, and you won’t even break a sweat from doing it. As long as you’re paying attention to the traffic, which you’ll be doing anyway when driving a car, you’ll see just how little effort it takes to ride these electric longboards. On top of that, they charge in a matter of hours, so you can even charge it while at work and won’t even notice it.



One of the biggest concerns for car owners is the associated costs of owning a car. Fuel doesn’t come cheap, and there are always maintenance costs to consider. Also, you need to always be prepared for the unexpected, such as having to buy a replacement part due to a sudden malfunction. Even if you’re a fan of public transport, that also isn’t exactly cheap. Electric longboards save you a lot of hassle on pretty much all of these points. Besides the initial cost, there is pretty much no other associated cost with them, and those that are, are quite insignificant when compared to auto maintenance.



Not everyone is into exercise. However, pretty much all of us need some form of exercise, at least a couple of times per week. That doesn’t have to be something too strenuous because even light exercise can do wonders for the body and soul. Electric longboard skateboards are great in this regard. You don’t have to put a lot of effort if you don’t want to, as you’re the one who dictates how much effort you put in, in the first place. Shifting your weight to turn, focusing on the road ahead of you, and even pushing and kicking to move the board manually are all amazing ways to get some light workout done. That makes electric longboards significantly healthier than cars.

Full Control Over Speed

Riding e-longboard

There’s a common misconception that you’ll have to go at full speed at all times when you’re riding your electric longboard. That’s not true at all, because you can set the speed yourself. The ESC, or Electronic Speed Controller, is a part that tells your motor how much to accelerate and how hard to break. You are in full control over the ESC at all times, even when going downhill. Instead of going faster when on a downward slope, like on a manual model, with electric ones you’ll be going at the same speed as you had up to that point. Having such control over the board is amazing and all it takes is one ride to see why.


Electric longboard

Electric longboards don’t run on fossil fuel, which is amazing for the environment. They also have a very tiny carbon footprint, and if you charge it on solar power, then it doesn’t have a carbon footprint at all. They are totally eco-friendly, so you’ll be able to get around the city without any worry that you’re contributing to pollution.