Our Tips for Picking the Perfect Office Chair


Working in an office means spending a great amount of your work time in a sitting position. And we all know about the issues that arise from sitting for a longer period of time, especially when that’s done in a poor-quality chair. Buying the right office chair is an investment that will save you needless back pain and will help you be more productive and be on top of your game.

Today, there is a wide array of ergonomic office chairs to choose from and there are different models that come with different features. For that reason, buying the best one for your needs requires some knowledge on the matter upfront. Some chairs are designed for brief, infrequent use while others are made for heavy usage. The colour, style, price are all important factors to consider so here is what to keep in mind if you want to buy the right match for your existing office decor.

Office Stools

Office chairs come in different types, designed for different environments and uses. For instance, an executive chair is a good choice for a meeting room, since it is easy to sink in its layers of comfort and conversate for hours. Back pain is a very common health issue, especially for people who work in an office, so, if you are dealing with one, consider purchasing a task chair. Its design offers great support for your entire body, especially to the back area. Ergonomic chairs are the perfect choice for heavy, daily usage as they come with a range of adjustments providing you with comfort and the ability to maintain the right sitting posture.

When it comes to the material of your stool, regardless of whether you need it for office or home use, look for durability. When investing in a new stool office model you want to choose something that will serve you for many years. Upholstered types come with a cushioned seat and a range of colours and styles. You can opt for a stool made of a stain-resistant material or leather for the ultimate durability and comfort. Chairs made of faux leather or vinyl are easy to clean, whereas mesh is the material that will provide you with the highest level of breathability while conforming to the shape of your body.

The seat, the backrest, and the armrest are the three main components of a chair, so you need to pay more attention to these elements in order to make the right purchase. The seat is important for a proper blood flow in your body while sitting, so look for one that slopes down and has rounded edges. If you are wider, heavier or taller than the average person, consider a higher back and a wider seat. Lumbar support is the key to a great backrest – the fact that it goes along with the natural curve of your spine means you will feel less pain in the muscles, thus feel more comfortable when sitting. Armrests are also important because they help you find the right position for your hands when typing.

Depending on where you will use it, you need to consider the size, colour, and style of your new stool office. The size of the room also matters – for a smaller space choose a chair without armrests and a lower back so that the room doesn’t look that much crowded. With the vast variety of modern and traditional stool office types, finding the one to create a cohesive look is not mission impossible but it certainly takes some careful consideration. For that very reason, make sure to stick to our guidelines and you will be all set.