Pelican Storm Cases: The Worthy Protection for Your Invaluable Equipment


Can you imagine what life must have been like before the invention of cameras? Neither can I! Photography serves as a sort of time traveling, no matter how recently a photograph might have been taken, the moment’s gone and the photograph is here as its proof, making it everlasting. All the treasured moments that would otherwise be long forgotten are preserved for years and decades to come. Judging by the tone of my article, you might as well say I am passionate about photography and biased when talking about it because I happen to be a photographer. It all started out as merely a hobby, but once the internet began contributing to people’s career success, I took a step further and turned it into my profession.


Wanting to be my own boss has shifted me to consider my options which is how I ended up with the idea to travel, photograph as I go and write about all of the adventures during my on-road experiences. Photography can be exciting, there’s no point in denying, but it takes a great deal of practice, patience and investment if you want to see positive results. Since every trip brings about some sort of unique experience, I’m glad about every single one because they teach me valuable lessons. There’s one in particular that’s made me really consider making wise investments such as those that have to do with the equipment protection. Having invested in some hi-tech camera bits and pieces, lenses, lighting and that sort of things, I was trying to get a hold of my budget and didn’t think I’d have to spend some more money on transporting cases, for instance the Pelican Storm cases series (known primarily as camera cases); I thought my carry on would do just fine. Boy, was I in for a lesson…

Once I’d arrived at the new location, having flown from one side of the world to the other, I was surprised my equipment looked intact. However, not having the right map at hands and losing my way ended up almost costing me all of my precious equipment once pouring rain appeared. That was the decisive moment that made me realise having a solid case is also an investment worth making. If you’re having the same doubts and still don’t know whether to buy or not, don’t think twice and get yourself a Pelican Storm case. There’s a reason they’re so popular. Their injection moulded design, solid wall construction, protecting the gear from extreme temperature and water, plus padlock protectors and double throw latches to ensure a safe and secure transport, mean your belongings are protected to the highest degree.

Knowing my prized possessions are well kept, I no longer have to fret every trip even if I happen to lose track of the way or end up caught in bad weather which is why my advice is to consider making quality purchase if you want to have your peace of mind. Protecting is always better than fixing or replacing your equipment.