Tips for Buying a 32-inch TV for Your Teen’s Bedroom


TV in children’s rooms is one of the most controversial topics. Even though in the past this was unimaginable, nowadays, more and more children have TVs in their rooms. And while little children shouldn’t have a TV or any other electrical device in their room, it’s considered that once teenagers, they’re allowed to have one. That’s because, at that age, children are more mature and can come to a media agreement with their parents.

However, each child is different, and it’s recommended to allow teenagers a TV in their rooms once they’ve developed healthy habits. This is especially true for setting a limit on how much time they spend per day on watching TV, and the suitable period during the day to do so.

Things to Look For in 32-Inch TV

When in the search for the right TV, practice shows that you should buy 32 inch smart TV since it’s the ideal size for children’s rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms and kitchens. All of these home areas are usually smaller than the living and entertaining rooms, so if wondering ‘Is 32-inch TV good for small room?’, you can have peace of mind that it’s a perfect choice.

32 inch smart tv

Plus, this TV is quite smaller, compact and can be installed almost anywhere in the room, especially with the large selection of adjustable wall brackets. When it comes to its installation, it’s said that 32-inch TVs should be placed at a distance of about 1.3 metres in order to provide a good view.

Nowadays, you can choose to buy 32 inch tv from a large selection on the market, ranging in technology, type and quality. So, in order to make the right choice, you should look for one that’s the best option for you based on these considerations.

Types of TVs

Smart TV

Smart TVs are among the most commonly used TVs these days. These TVs allow for being connected to the Internet without the use of any external box. Usually, they already have installed some of the most basic browsers and apps like YouTube, however, you can also install any other app that allows for watching movies and shows.

Lifestyle TV

As the name suggests, lifestyle TVs are designed to fit your lifestyle and blend more seamlessly with the surroundings. When not in use, these TVs display art or some static images which makes them more vivid.

lifestyle tv

Android TV

Android TVs are types of smart TVs that work on the Android operating system. Just like your phone, Android TVs also get full operating system upgrades that can keep them looking fresh for years.

Screen Technology

Just like the types of TVs, there are many different TV technologies that can significantly impact the TV’s colour, pixels and brightness.


Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) is one of the greatest TV technologies because its pixels are able to turn themselves on and off independently without the use of a backlight. This technology offers a clear definition of contrast, and it’s said that the newer OLED panels can get brighter than their previous generations. This feature makes them perfect to be installed in both lighter and darker rooms.


These TVs are considered the standard base technology that has a panel that deals with the light and picture. They also have a backlight that can be edge lit or direct array which means better quality. They’re the most affordable options of all technologies, so if you want something more pocket-friendly, you should consider LED/LCD TV.

led tv

Regardless of the type of TV you choose, an important thing is to buy 32 inch smart TV that comes from a trusted brand in order to be sure of its longevity and quality. Buying from reputable brands is a better idea since all of their products are being tested, meet strict standards and come with a warranty.

Picture Quality

Full HD

Full HD picture quality is usually the most budget-friendly definition TV and is mainly perfect for watching HD free-to-air TV channels.


These days, 4K is considered the standard TV resolution since all the latest TV shows, movies and video games are released in 4K. This resolution is double the resolution of Full HD and is known for its cinema-quality picture.


8K is one of the newest picture quality available for TVs which is better than 4K and not to mention Full HD. However, not all TV shows, movies and games are made 8K, so given the fact that you’ll be buying a TV for your child’s room, it would be better to pick a more reasonably priced option.

8k tv

Picture Modes

If your teenager loves watching movies and TV shows, then you should look for a TV that has a cinema picture mode or auto-calibration so you can make sure the colours look as they should.

Refresh Rate

If your child loves games, then you should consider the motion rates of a TV. Most of them have either 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rate where the higher number allows for a smoother motion in the games. This will make the experience more real which is something that kids love.