A Vehicle For the Ages: The Mighty Nissan Navara


Long gone are the days when a tool was meant to do one specific thing. Nowadays, we value things that are great at one thing, but can do several different things decently as well. The car market is no different, and one of the most versatile vehicles available nowadays in the Nissan Navara. Some of you may think: there’s no way a pick-up truck like the Navara can be a multi-purpose vehicle because it’s made to pull and haul. But you’ll now find out how that sentiment is wrong.

Nissan Navara Exhaust Systems 2

First and foremost, the Nissan Navara features coil spring instead of leaf spring suspension in the rear, allowing for a much more comfortable ride than most other 4×4 vehicles. This also provides better control on and off the road. Additionally, unlike most trucks who feel utilitarian, when riding inside a Navara, you feel like you’re in a premium vehicle. Its interior is designed with ergonomics and usability in mind. Most of the interior is made of high-quality materials, which offer outstanding comfort, are easy to maintain and clean, and are appealing.

Furthermore, you can take the Navara everywhere, which is one of the main advantages of owning one. Even though the standard models get a ground clearance of 205mm, the high grade version gets 245mm, allowing it to tackle rough terrain relatively easy. The only thing you might need to modify in order to transform it into an off-road conquerer is to upgrade to an aftermarket Nissan Navara exhaust system for more performance and fuel economy. An aftermarket Nissan Navara exhaust system can also alter how your vehicle sounds and looks, and if you get one made of stainless or aluminised steel, you can expect it to outlast the Navara itself.

Speaking of off-road capabilities, the Navara can carry and pull almost anything. It features a huge bed, enabling it to carry large pieces of cargo. However, its carrying and pulling capabilities also make it the ideal vehicle for tradespeople and businesses in a wide range of industries. As far as pulling goes, it has the ability to pull a small watercraft, a trailer with jet skis or small to medium sized equipment. Its toughness goes above and beyond the toughness of almost any other UTE.

Nissan has 80 years of experience in manufacturing and servicing trucks, and the Navara definitely benefits off of that storied and long history. So when life demands a sharp-looking, tough vehicle with all the convenience and smart features to navigate the Australian outback and the urban jungle, the Navara is precisely what you need.