Reasons to Make Aprons Standard Uniform for Your Staff


There are many reasons why businesses decide to use uniforms. Aside from giving you an opportunity to create a beautiful image for your business, uniforms offer so many more advantages for the employees and for the customers, and ultimately for the business itself. And when it comes to businesses in the service industries, and especially in hospitality, uniforms can be vital to your success.

Beautiful uniforms are like a decoration to your restaurant or bar. They can make the place feel more elegant and stylish, or fun and quirky, depending on what you want to accomplish. Like all clothes, uniforms are there to convey a message, and when it comes to businesses, the way the staff is dressed should communicate simple and clear messages about the quality you offer, about your care for your business, your employees, and, most importantly, your customers. And ultimately, well-chosen uniforms can help your customers identify the servers, remember the place, make them feel safe, make them trust your business, etc.

The Importance of Aprons


Uniforms can look any way you want. They can be fashionable, chic, fun, or whatever you choose. And when it comes to bars, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bakeries, etc., – with only one simple garment you can make your entire staff look coherent, professional and clean – the apron, which is also the most common piece in all kinds of hospitality establishments. Aside from showing a higher level of professionalism, if your staff wears aprons they can be easily spotted and identified by customers. Your designer monogrammed uniforms can be a great way to make your business visually recognisable and distinguishable from other businesses.

One of many reasons why you should provide your employees with beautiful monogram cooking aprons is that they are a very simple way to make your entire personal look fashionable and a part of the team. Aprons, furthermore, are extremely versatile, they are adjustable and offer a great opportunity for showing style. But more than that, aprons are practical and they can be very useful for hospitality employees, regardless of whether they cook, make coffee, serve food or drinks, wash dishes, or do any other job in your establishment.

Choosing the Right Apron


Whether you own a big restaurant or a small cafe, everything you get for it is important and, in the end, everything will have an impact on its success This refers to the entire kitchen equipment you buy, the floors, the decorations, the furniture, and even the simple things, like the aprons your employees will wear.

Regardless of whether you decide to go for full uniforms with aprons, or just aprons, for your personal, there are three things you need to take into consideration above all else: style, quality and comfort. When you are choosing the uniform for a hospitality establishment, you need to make sure that it represents your business perfectly, while also being useful and practical for your employees. For instance, get aprons in colours that complement your restaurant’s seating and the rest of your interior design. They should also be easy to put on and take off, and they could have enough pockets for the right tools, as well as feature the monogram or the logo, to make them more unique and special for your place.

The Style


Ask yourself what do you want to communicate to your customers. If your business is more formal, like a restaurant, then you need to make sure that your staff is dressed up elegantly and formally. However, if your business is a small cafe or a bakery, then you may look for something a little bit more casual. For smaller businesses like that, aprons offer some unique opportunities to make your staff look more professional without spending a lot of money. With a little bit of imagination, you can choose nice monogram aprons that can be the entire uniform for your staff. So, instead of buying entire uniforms for your staff, you can simply get them the same monogrammed aprons to wear on top of their own clothes and yet look like part of the team.

When it comes to colours, darker tones, black, navy blue etc. are the usual choices for the aprons, especially for more high-end establishment. More fun, brighter colours, on the other hand, can be a great option for smaller places, for fast foods, places for the whole family, kids-friendly restaurants etc. Furthermore, you can mix and match the colours of the monogrammed kitchen aprons or of the whole uniforms, according to the responsibilities of your staff.



Of course, aprons don’t only have a visual purpose. As you know, primarily, they are meant to protect your clothes from getting stained, so they are a great way to protect the other parts of the uniforms, or your employees’ personal clothes if the aprons are the only uniform they wear. Furthermore, it’s obvious that with everything that’s happening in the kitchen as well as while serving, aprons need to be made from highly durable materials, like quality cotton, denim, polyester etc. Your monogram cooking aprons also need to be stain-resistant, and resilient, to withstand the inevitable wear and tear.



Probably the most important factor when choosing uniforms for your business is comfort. This of course refers to fit, but it also refers to how your employees will feel about wearing their uniform. This is why many business owners decide to hear their employees out about their needs when it comes to uniforms. Physical comfort is vital for any business because it affects employees’ state of mind and mood. Furthermore, people are always more productive and effective when they feel comfortable and pain-free, wearing clothes and shoes, which are cosy, and that they like.