Mitsubishi Exhaust: Give Your Exhaust an Upgrade and Prepare to Be Amazed


Australia is a country full of natural beauty, with numerous places that offer plenty to see. Many of these places are, of course, difficult to reach for the typical cars, with rough terrains, but us Aussies, adventurous at nature, find this as the reason more to visit them and engage in more off-the-beaten-path experiences.

This is why it’s not surprising we’ve also become known as the nation of 4x4s, with Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi being among the most preferred ones. Although these vehicles were used in the past for work-related tasks primarily, nowadays they’ve turned into family vehicles too.

As the typical adventure-lover, I’ve had my share of 4x4s and 4WDing, and my latest beauty is a Mitsubishi Pajero, the sort of 4×4 that’s been proudly conquering Australia’s roughest of terrains since 1983. I love everything about this car, from its 3.2 litre motor, and 88-litre fuel tank, heavy-duty 4WD system, to its storage space, head and leg room, and there’s nothing I’d change except for the exhaust. Luckily, there are plenty of Mitsubishi exhaust aftermarket options that are quality, and are designed to boost the performance, so it wasn’t difficult to make the change.

Mitsubishi Exhaust

The reason I think aftermarket exhausts make the perfect addition is because they are better designed when it comes to exhaust gas escape than the regular factory-made exhausts, and as such they make the car more powerful, making the engine work easier through improved airflow, combusting fuel and air more efficiently. All this is related to more horsepower and torque respectively. While improving performance, I also have to note another positive effect of this sort of exhaust: it improves the fuel economy!

Not to mention, aftermarket Mitsubishi exhaust systems are made from much better materials, such as aluminised or stainless steel, than the mild-steel factory-made systems which are bound to deteriorate easily. No matter the type of your Mitsubishi, you can expect to find the exhaust aftermarket system that’s the perfect fit, so it’s all money well spent, considering most of them also have anti-corrision properties, meaning no moisture or mud can affect them – they are built to last!

It’s needless to say, along with the performance, this sort of exhaust upgrading has improved the appearance of my 4×4 too, as I got a more refined look thanks to the nicely polished mufflers. And, another aspect I’m sure you’re curious about, is the sound improvement. Don’t worry, it’s nothing that sounds too annoying whenever I make my way, but rather I just get a slightly louder, more powerful, and deeper growl upon acceleration which is part of the charm.

As you can guess from the tone of voice in my article, I’m all positive about this upgrade and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their 4WDing experience. Best decision I made!