Ride in Style: Cult BMX Bikes and Accessories


Riding a bike is as old as time, but riding a BMX is actually a relatively new sport, with only 50 years under its belt. Still, in those 50 years, BMX bikes have managed to make themselves quite a popular thing, with youngsters as well as adults enjoying them and the tricks they can do with them.

You’ve probably heard the name BMX, but do you know what it actually stands for? It’s obviously an abbreviation, but for what? Well, BMX is actually short for bicycle motocross or bike motocross, which alludes to the daredevil side of the sport, its competitive nature, its freestyle potential, and the overall adrenaline rush it gives.

There are many brands that sell BMX bikes out there, but today I’d like to bring your attention to one of the most celebrated brands out there, a brand with a spotless reputation, and loads of respect within the BMX community – Cult.

Cult understand that BMX is not just about riding, there’s a whole culture behind the sport, a way of life, so to say. That’s why their range is so vast and their quality is way up there on the charts.

Here’s what Cult have to offer and why you should definitely give them a try.


Cult BMX Bikes
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Obviously, one of the things that made their name what it is today is their own Cult BMX bikes. Cult offer a lot of different types of Cult bikes and they all follow a strict manufacturing standard that spreads across the brand’s whole arsenal. No matter if you’re a pro rider or one that’s just picking the sport up, you’ll be sure to find a bike that will suit you perfectly.

Made with age and size in mind, their bikes are always made using tested and approved materials, especially when it comes to the tricks department. We all know how much pressure tricks can put on a frame, for example, so Cult really pay attention to these things and offer a product that will be durable and able to withstand many years of fun at the park.

Furthermore, they also manufacture a lot of parts themselves, so the bike you’re getting will definitely be something authentic and will guarantee its quality. You may think that Cult BMX bikes are expensive, but when you look at what you’re getting, how long it will last you, and all the performance it allows you’ll see that it’s money well spent.


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As I already said, Cult understand that behind the sport there is a whole culture that supports it and that’s why they also manufacture their own apparel. You can get a Cult BMX t shirt, a pair of Cult original socks, quality-made Cult backpacks, and a lot of other apparel items.

Their designs are very sleek and interesting and allow free-flow movement, which is something that’s very necessary while riding your Cult BMX. Especially when it comes to the Cult BMX t shirts, there are a whole lot of different colours, designs, and patterns you can choose from to match your style and your preferences.

Their socks are also quality-made items, as the brand really pays attention to everything they put out, with different patterns available to mix up your outfits and show some individuality, creativity, and enhance your style. With socks being a pretty big deal nowadays, especially in communities like the BMX one, you can understand why this item is such an exciting piece of news.

Finally, their backpacks are designed to perfection, providing a comfortable fit and feel and can be worn while you ride or just about anywhere, really. They also feature plain or rich designs and different models so everyone can find something for themself.

Parts & Additions

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As I mentioned before, Cult are a brand that’s also known for manufacturing their own parts. When you buy a Cult BMX you also buy a Cult seat, a Cult frame, a pair of Cult BMX tires, and so on. You get the deal.

However, if it were ever to happen for any of these parts to get damaged or broken you can always head online or in a physical store and buy a replacement part from the brand with ease.

Since your bike is already a Cult BMX you’ll have no trouble replacing it by yourself, though if you’re not sure how to, you can always ask an employee for help, something they’re happy to provide.

Cult also stocks different stickers to customize your ride with as well as different handle grips for further customization and diversity. Colours for these range from regular, plain old black to stuff like hot pink, lime, orange, and white. They’re all made to provide maximum grip and comfort and ensure your hands stay where they need to be while you’re on your BMX.

What’s more, Cult also manufacture practical tool kits you can take on the go and do repairs on your ride wherever you are. All in all, I can comfortably say that Cult is a well-rounded BMX brand that will offer you absolutely everything you’ll ever need for a ride that’s smooth, comfortable, and will make you not want to get any other bike ever again.