Summer Fun: Home Water Park Games for Your Kids!


Summertime, the best time of the year for fun outside. Not that other seasons aren’t as enjoyable or prevent us from having fun, but summer is special. Kids generally enjoy both hot and cold days, and can find fun in the simplest of activities, yet just the thought of refreshing in a pool can put them in a mood of excitement.

Knowing this, unless you have the budget to afford taking your kids to the local pools or water parks as often as they want to, or build up a pool, you still have time to prepare for the summer fun in water by getting a blow up water park for your backyard.

Built with heavy-duty PVC, it’s a sturdy design with the capacity of allowing up to three children climbing and sliding the wall together, and moreover it’s easy to set up, just using the electric blower to inflate the slides and attaching the pipes and hoses following the instructions.Blow Up Water Park

Adding the blow up water park guarantees all the fun itself, but why stop there when you can turn the whole backyard into a water park! The best part of it is you wouldn’t have to spend considerable amount of money, since you can make use of items you already have at home and come up with games to make things more entertaining.

For instance, by adding obstacles on the way to the blow up park, you encourage the development of problem solving skills essential in a child’s life. Furthermore, if there are more kids participating, you can turn it into a competition where everyone wins a prize, but only the winner gets the best.

This can be achieved by using the grass sprinklers you have surrounding them with buckets they have to uncover to collect all the items (set a number prior to the start, explain what the items are) needed to pass to the next level of the game.

Depending on how much time you want for the game, there are more activities to include, so you increase the number of levels. This can be done by adding a board they have to cross carrying a bucket full of water as fast as they can without spilling a drop.

Once they pass these obstacles, and get to the inflatable water park, add a final obstacle at the finish line in the example of filling up as many water balloons as possible. The one who has the most wins. That’s a refreshing day they are sure to remember!