The Benefits of Getting a Scooter for Your Toddler


Toddlers are energetic little creatures through and through, we all know that very well. Still, even though they have all that energy, it takes a lot of guidance and the power of suggestion to really channel it into something that’s good and productive for the little one.

Parents will know what I’m talking about. If you’re a parent of a toddler, you know what it’s like to run around after them, trying to stop them from doing something they really shouldn’t be doing.

We can’t blame them, though, they’re small and curious and the world is a whole new place for them. The things we know well they are just now getting accustomed to, so it’s natural for them to want to see everything, do everything, and touch everything.

Still, this doesn’t mean that you should let your toddler loose all the time. Some exploration is, of course, encouraged, but more structured pastimes are always more beneficial, especially when outside. So, how do you do that?

Well, there are a number of ways to get your toddler to have fun while also getting their mental and physical abilities expanded and strengthened, but one that’s very popular among parents nowadays are kid scooters.

Wondering why? Keep reading!

The Physical Benefits 

four little kids on scooters with nature background

Toddler scooters aren’t all that new, but they aren’t all that old as well. The last time I checked scooters were reserved for bigger children and adults, but now, as the industry itself progresses and becomes more inclusive, toddlers have scooters of their own size available, too!

There is a wide range of toddler scooters for sale, both online and in physical stores. So, you’ll need to take a better look at which one will suit your child the most. You’ll need to do a bit of research before you buy or simply talk to a clerk or representative. The ultimate rule here is to make sure you’re buying a scooter that’s quality-made, so your kid can have all the fun without the danger.

Anyway, on to the benefits. As I said, toddlers are really energetic, but channelling that energy into something is always beneficial. With a scooter, your toddler will be really working on their legs and their balance, things toddlers are known to lack as they are small and haven’t developed them yet.

The pushing motion a scooter requires will help their bones and especially joints grow and form properly, while at the same time, their muscles will also reap some benefits and will become stronger.

As toddlers are really small and have only recently learned how to walk and run, this activity will be a fun little addition to their daily routine and they won’t even notice that health benefits are also part of the package.

The Mental Benefits 

two little kids having fun with scooters

Scooters for kids come in many different sizes and models, so you can really work with your child on this one and pick a scooter they’ll truly love. By getting them something like this and making it fit their personal preferences of colour and style you’ll be giving them their own little prized possession, something they’ll be very happy to have.

This will be a learning opportunity for your kid, as since they like the scooter so much, they won’t want to damage it. Therefore, you’ll be able to subtly teach your child about taking care of our possessions, how to treat physical objects, that it’s not okay to break and damage our things, and so on.

Furthermore, you can go ahead and customize the scooter whichever way you like. Think stickers, a bell, tinsels, anything your child finds amusing. You can go as far as painting it together. It will be a great creative exercise and they’ll really have a blast. So will you, by the way!

Another great thing about getting a toddler scooter is that while they’re riding it they’ll be learning how to keep their balance, they’ll learn a lot about speed, their depth perception will benefit greatly, and they’ll also learn how to mind other people while zooming on their scooter. These are all things they’ll use later in life all the time, so it’s better to start early!


a kid and two kids in background having fun in park with scooters

Finally, we have the most obvious one of all, they’ll actually have fun!

Running and skipping is great, but once they get their scooter, things will take a whole new dimension. I remember when I got my first bike and everything seemed inferior after that! The bike was everything! That’s how your kid is going to feel too with their customized toddler scooter, zooming around the park or the playground.

What’s more, a lot of other kids have scooters now too, so they’ll be able to make new friends and enjoy their little rides together while they’re getting to know one another. They’ll also be able to cool off in the summer, as the scooter will provide that much-needed wind in their face.

Now, don’t worry, these scooters aren’t really fast and your child won’t be able to get away from you while they’re on it. After all, they’re still very small! However, they will get a sense of independence, both from having their own little vehicle and from being able to ride it, so it’s a win-win situation altogether.

To Sum Up

kid on scooter with green park background

If you like what you’re reading, go ahead and get a toddler scooter for your toddler. You’re going to love it, they’re going to love it, and everything will be just great!

Remember to do your research, get a scooter that has three wheels instead of the standard two, and make sure it’s a quality-made item that won’t break easily or get damaged. These scooters aren’t expensive, so paying for your child’s safety and fun shouldn’t be an issue.

In any case, I hope your kid loves their new scooter and will develop a love for exercise and the great outdoors through it. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up a famous athlete because of it!