Top Style Tips on How to Wear and Pair Women Midi Dresses


A midi dress is a dress where the hem ends halfway between your ankle and knee. It is one of the most popular types of dresses due to its decent length that makes it a perfect choice for all seasons. These dresses are a stylish choice for wearing them in spring, summer, fall or even in winter – depending on where you live. Women midi dresses are available in many different styles, so there is a suitable choice for any season and occasion, which makes them a must-have item in all women’s wardrobe regardless of their size and age. If you need some help on how to style and wear these amazing dresses, you are in the right place.


Stylish spring midi dresses

The first signs of spring call for lively midi dresses. During this period the stores are flooded with floral, windowpane, paisley, polka dot and so many other beautiful prints. Pastel tones are always trending, so it is a good idea to choose some of them if they look good on your skin tone. Opt for women midi dresses in bright spring colours and lively prints. If you want dresses with sleeves, you can choose ones with sleeves off the shoulders, spaghetti strap, long and airly or simple cal sleeves. When styling a midi dress in spring, make sure you always have a jacket with you as you can never know when the temperatures will drop.

Stylish summer midi dresses

The weather in summer calls for dresses that are lighter in both colour and material. For example, a cream or a white midi dress would be the perfect choice for summer days. Summer is the time when you can wear literally any colour, so feel free to experiment with tones and prints. Summer midi dresses come with designs that show off more skin and are usually flirty. Summer midi dresses can be worn in a variety of occasions and they are best paired with sandals. Style your hair in a bun, put your sunglasses on and you are ready to go.


Formal midi dresses

You just received an invitation for a fancy event. If you want to wear something different than the formal long length dress, you can opt for a formal version of the midi dress. These dresses have a different style, shape, and material than the above-mentioned models of midi dresses. They are designed specifically for formal occasions, so most of the designs are shiny, sequined and some styles even come with sheer fabric on top. Black is always a good choice of colour for a formal occasion but you can also opt for some other deeper darker tones.

When buying a ladies midi dress, make sure you choose a length that is slightly above or below mid-calf. This is the length that will help you create a perfect illusion of a longer dress. For more formal occasions, pair the midi dress with some elegant high heels. For summer, you can opt for minimal heel sandals that will make you look taller without weighing down your feet. When it comes to material, always try to choose something light that will not add weight to your figure. This will give your outfit an airy feel while making you comfortable. If you want to define your waist, choose a midi dress that comes with a belt, or if it doesn’t – you can always add one.