Gear Up: 4 Tactical Accessories to Include in Your Arsenal


Tactical accessories are specially designed items that help improve your performance and security during your missions and operations. Whether you’re navigating rough terrain, executing precision manoeuvres, or carrying out critical missions, high-quality gear can make a lot of difference. Buckle up and let’s explore the must-have accessories that will elevate your operational prowess.

Military Utility Pouches

military utility pouches

So, what tactical accessories do the military use? Among the most essential military accessories are the compact and convenient utility pouches. They ensure that your gear is always safe, secure, and easily accessible at the press of a buckle. And easy accessibility is especially important in critical missions. From compact versatility to adaptable ammunition storage and innovative tool management, these accessories are reliable, functional, and committed to meeting your unique needs.

If you aren’t packing a lot of tools, opt for a micro version of the utility pouch – a compact powerhouse that packs a punch. With a non-adjustable lid that features an elastic segment, this accessory provides the versatility you need for different types of tools. Fastex clip closure ensures a secure hold on your items, while the drainage grommet at the bottom makes it ideal for water operations. It comes in a sleek size and it’s an efficient addition to your tactical setup.

If you’re carrying the often-used 2L South African Water Bottle, there are specially designed convenient utility pouches for this purpose. Their compact dimension makes them ideal for ADF-issued ration packs. The sturdy and durable clip ensures quick access, while the drainage eyelet adds a practical touch for any unpredictable situations. You can custom order yours in one of the various patterns available online.

The belt loop mounted, YKK buckle closure pouches take functionality to the next level. These tactical utility pouches are constructed from military-grade 500D Cordura which guarantees durability. With two belt loop size gaps in the back webbing, they offer flexibility in mounting – low or high. The drainage eyelet is a thoughtful addition, catering to the demands of dynamic environments. This is a strategic solution for carrying essential ammunition or other items of a similar size.

Lastly, you can also find a special utility pouch designed to hold the Laplander saw. This lightweight accessory boasts easy access and features both velcro and Fastex closure options on the lid. There’s a standard MOLLE attachment, as well as a belt loop, which provides adaptability to different setups.

Tactical Flashlight

LED tactical torch

Another crucial tool that’s become a staple for both professionals and enthusiasts is the high-lumen and easy-to-carry LED tactical light. They deliver high levels of illumination, far beyond what your standard torch can offer. In the world of tactical flashlights, lumens are the measure of brilliance. For instance, some of them can throw an impressive 25000 lumens at a staggering distance of 630m. In situations where visibility is key, having a bright and focused beam can be a game-changer.

One defining feature of tactical flashlights is their extremely functional design, often including strike bezels. These bezels are not just for show – they serve a purpose. Imagine a situation where quick, forceful action is needed. The strike bezel allows the flashlight to become a tool for self-defence, which adds a layer of protection for those who carry it.

Unlike your standard flashlight, an LED tactical light is more than just a source of illumination – it’s a reliable companion designed for durability, practicality, and the ability to handle intense situations. When you’re navigating through challenging terrains in low-light conditions or during a covert operation, the rugged build of a military flashlight comes into play. The robust construction ensures that it can handle the bumps, drops, and jolts that are part and parcel of law enforcement and military work.

Long battery life is another non-negotiable feature of a reliable tactical light. In the field, officers can’t afford to have their tools fail them. This is why tactical torches provide extended runtime to keep professionals illuminated during long operations. And for added convenience, rechargeable designs ensure that a quick charge is all it takes to be ready for the next mission.

Lastly, military lights are typically far more durable compared to regular torches. This allows you to thrive in harsh environments. Shockproof and waterproof features ensure that the light remains operational despite the challenges you face. Whether it’s heavy rain, rough handling, or unexpected impacts, these devices are built to endure.

Gun Holsters

gun holster

When you’re navigating through unfamiliar terrain or engaged in a high-stakes operation. The last thing you want is to be fumbling around with your firearm. High-quality holsters aren’t just leather pouches hanging off your belt – they must-have accessories that provide quick and secure access to your weapon when split-second decisions matter.

Imagine the seamless draw, the smooth reholstering – it’s like a well-rehearsed dance between you and your weapon. Whether it’s attached to your belt, thigh, or chest rig, the holster ensures your firearm stays snug, ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice.


Compact multitools look deceptively simple but can pull off many different tasks when you least expect it. Whether it’s prying open a stubborn crate, tightening a loose screw on your gear, or slicing through a tangled mess, a good multitool doesn’t shy away from a bit of rough and tumble.

From razor-sharp knives for precision tasks to serrated edges for tougher materials, these items are like a portable cutting station. And don’t forget the little extras – the bottle openers, can openers, and even the occasional file. Who would’ve thought you’d be cracking open a cold one with a piece of military gear after a successful mission?