Metal plays a big part in a vehicle’s performance, safety and endurance, but what makes it so special within exhaust systems is that it can give different results based on what type they’re made of. While every type of metal is made the same way except the coating, the results are not always definitive since the environment in which they’ll have to perform is not always the same. This doesn’t mean that an aluminized exhaust system isn’t always consistent in that field, but it has certain characteristics that give it an advantage over other types of systems. To get a better understanding of what I mean, here are the benefits of it and some tips on how you can keep it in shape throughout its life span.

aluminized exhaust systems


Aluminized steel is way more cost-effective than other materials and on top of that – it is rust-resistant. Unlike other more high-end materials, aluminized exhaust systems won’t turn blue from the heat and they certainly perform better in dry climates. Despite being less visually appealing, an aluminized system has solid heat retention and a decent level of thermal conductivity, which basically keeps the hot air flowing more easily. An aluminized steel exhaust is easier to customize and weld as it is very strong but easily modified – it has the best of both worlds.


For all these benefits to take place, maintaining the look and feel of the system will require some cleaning and replacement of the parts that keep it together. Although aluminized exhaust systems are rust-resistant, in some cases, the exhaust joints may get rusty and if you happen to spot that -spray them with penetrating solvent (WD-40).

After the solvent has done its job, take the part off and check whether the corrosion can be sanded out. If not, get a new one. This mostly happens with the flange exhaust joints, which can also get loose over time, hence why checking the bolts once in a while is a good preventative measure. Damper weights can be the cause of major vibrations if they break or bend. Again, checking how tight the bolts are is a good way to prevent this from happening, but then, you can’t always anticipate the worse.

If you are frequently driving on rough and bumpy roads, be sure to check the head shields as they can also get bent, loosen up or even completely fall off. Check from time to time if any of these issues have occurred and immediately replace the shield as it can cause grass fire which can lead to even greater danger. In case you get a broken hanger, there’s no other way to solve this issue than to replace it. And since newer systems have them welded with rods, this is not an easy job. A part of the piping needs to be removed as well but if it’s in good shape, that’s just a waste of money. In order to keep the piping, just remove the original hanger and install a universal one that can tilt and twist and has an adjustable length.