The connection of people and plants goes way back to the very beginnings of humankind, it’s a rather intimate relationship that has continuously evolved century after century. Though people have become aware of how to utilise plants for a variety of purposes. The reason plants are so invaluable to us lies in the plants’ ability to transform sunlight into food and regulate the gases in the air, or simply said without plants there’d be no life on this planet of ours.

Apart from using plants for food, we’re widely using them for medical purposes just as much as for decorative, so their role in our lives is really significant. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology and production, there’s no actual need for everyone to deal with gardening (let alone agriculture as a whole) as we can easily buy anything we need at the markets. However, where would all the fun be if we don’t try out our green thumb skills? Being part of the wake of the urban gardening era and having plenty of discount plants options at nurseries, becoming a gardener has never been easier and more affordable.

Now that it’s early autumn and the weather is cooling gradually, the soil has just the right amount of moisture to provide the ideal conditions for plant growth which means spring isn’t the only season that’s perfect for starting up your garden. The ideal conditions would enable plants the perfect start before winter comes. Great news also is the fact this is the season you can bet on when wanting to find the best deals of discount plants. You can expect cost-effectiveness garden shopping now since you’d come across many options of annual plants (those that need to be planted each year) that would win you over, starting from vegetables and herbs to pansies and petunias.

When it comes to perennials (the ones you don’t get to replant every year) on the other hand, as are the lilies and tulips, can also be quite the bargain, but the ideal purchase you’d have is if you go for the plants otherwise expensive as are the shrubs and trees. Just imagine your lovely garden all covered up in magnolias and callistemon, the Australian endemic shrub. If you’re up for having the usefulness of grass but spicing up the area with some more vibrancy, you could go for the lomandra lime tuff.

It’s important that, among with learning more about gardening and tending to different plants’ needs, you learn how to save up quality seeds to plant them another season – have your own heirloom seeds.