Folkmanis Puppets: Encourage & Improve Your Child’s Imagination


Just like children need to spend a good amount of their time playing outdoors, they also need to spend some quality time playing with you, their parents. And it seems that one of the best indoor games that has an important role in child development is puppet play. While in the past sock puppets were the main type, nowadays, Folkmanis gives you the opportunity to enjoy some more realistic versions.

kids playing with  puppets

The Story Behind Folkmanis Puppets

The core belief of this company is that imagination is key to a healthy childhood. Imagination in kids encourages play and helps children develop some necessary life skills. Present on the market since 1976, this is a company that strives to create the most innovative and engaging specialty puppets that can improve child development. Over the years, the company evolved a lot, and nowadays it’s one of the leading ones in manufacturing finger puppets, hand puppets, character puppets, little puppets, stage puppets, etc. Over 200 of the most heartwarming and realistically looking creatures are available on the market today. Seriously, words cannot describe how realistically looking these puppets are.

Where Are Folkmanis Puppets Made?

All company’s puppets are produced in China under strict quality controls in order to meet the safety requirements. They are specially designed to meet the European Union EN – 71 Toys (safety) Regulations of 1995 since they are stricter than the U.S safety standards.

folkmanis puppets

What are the Benefits of Playing with Folkmanis Puppets?

Language Development

Having a ‘late talker’ child can be quite devastating, especially if it’s a firstborn. And while there are many reasons for this condition, these days, more and more doctors are putting the blame on the early introduction to tablets and cells. Regardless of the reason, if you see no change even if you have tried all the techniques and tricks you have, maybe it is time to introduce your little to a puppet.

Find your child’s favourite animal or character and let the fun begin. After a while, the verbal interaction with the puppet might encourage language development. Even if your child is only too shy to talk, a puppet can help him/her overcome this timidity. Giving your child the opportunity to let the puppet be his/her voice is something that may give results in no time. Wearing the realistically looking Folkmanis puppets on each hand can allow your child to have a dialogue going on between the two characters. This won’t only encourage your child to talk, but can also improve his/her vocabulary.

Social Development

These puppets are also a great way to improve your child’s socializing skills. You must admit that not all people can be chatty from the first instance they meet someone, but as a parent, you can help your child to break some of these walls and become more communicative. Puppet play is a good way for your child to use its voice and become the spokesperson when with his/her friends. That way, the puppet may help your child become less shy and more communicative when in a company.

kids playing with  puppets

Improving Your Childs Motor & Creative Skills

The ideal time for the development of your child’s motor skills is in early childhood, and it seems that puppets can play a huge role in this. Since the puppets of this company require to be worn on the hands or on the fingers, they can certainly improve your child’s fine motor coordination. On the other hand, a puppet can also encourage your child’s imagination on different levels. He/she can create different puppet shows that encourage imagination by creating different scenarios. With the help of old cardboard, for instance, your kid can set the scene and decorate it differently depending on the play.

Emotional Development

Thanks to puppets, your child can learn about emotions and how to control them. Through puppet play, he/she can interact with them when happy, sad, funny or angry. That way, your child will not only get rid off of some bad emotions but secretly, you might learn something about it without having to be the annoying parent. That way, you’ll be able to help without being noticed. And maybe one of the most important lessons your child could learn from puppet play is about the feelings of sympathy and empathy which are crucial for turning into a compassionate, sensitive, yet strong and confident person.

Learning About Good Manners

Parents are well aware of the fact that sometimes it can be quite difficult to teach your children good manners and etiquette. But by using puppets, this life lesson can be taught a bit more easily, since children don’t see puppets as parents, teachers or caregivers. With the help of his/her favourite friends, you’ll have easier communication with your child while sending a valuable message to your little one.