Power Garden Products: Flooded Garden No More


There’s nothing quite like having the pleasure of decorating one’s home. I know you must be thinking of the interior décor immediately but I’m talking about the yard and landscaping particularly. Staying in touch with nature is beneficial for a person’s overall well-being, and that’s exactly what the process of landscaping does as you try out your green thumbs with flowerbeds, trees, making up a corner for vegetables, lounging and dining, then moving on to scaling and pacing. It’s as creative as transforming your interior space and provides just as much pleasure, however it could all be lost in seconds if nature decides to intervene.


Since Australia was hit by numerous thunderstorms this month already, and the coast of Queensland is being devastated by Cyclone Debbie, a flooded yard is not that uncommon sight. The alarming thing is most plants, including grass, can’t survive in an area of soggy soil for too long. Just when you’re worrying all your decorating efforts would be in vain, you could get your peace of mind by relying on the help of power garden products.

Still, if it’s not a heavy storm, but a simple drizzle that leaves out yard areas drenching in water, you’ve got poor drainage at hand and it’s not something that can easily be fixed by cleaning out the house gutters, the underground pipes or adding topsoil. In a damp spot where water isn’t evaporating that easily, even water from your sprinklers can cause trouble. Along with improving the soil with organic matter, building up raised beds and adding extensions to downspouts to redirect water, the solution lies in acquiring the proper power garden products.

If you can’t exactly afford to get the versatile French drain system installed, you could always rely on water pumps to do the trick. Advanced pumps of today can be found in a portable variety, powered by 4-stroke engines and tanks to collect more than three litres, which allow for water displacement of up to 60,000 litres per hour. Then again, you’d be surprised to know you could also rely only on a garden hose to handle the flooded yard situation considering it’s high pressure resistant and suitable for suction and delivery of water, mud, acid and grains among other materials.

When you decide to use the help of a hose, it’s important to find the spot where you could transfer the unwanted water to, the spot where all that excess water won’t cause damage, such as a ditch. Then, make sure one end of the hose goes to the flooded area, submerged into the water deep enough to have bubbles emerging to the surface so you’d know the powerful suction is prepared. Moving on to the other end, you have to take it to the spot for the unwanted water by holding it tightly with the palm of your hand, creating a seal and then lowering it to the ditch and letting it drain the water. You’d rid your beautiful yard of water cost-effective and easy.