Panel Blinds: A Gorgeous and Easy to Maintain Window Treatment Choice


Window treatment is an important part of interior design, both from an aesthetic and a functional stand point. But, few modifications have been made in this area until the launch of panel blinds. Although they seem very similar to vertical blinds at first look, the bigger slats provide a completely different effect and look. Panel blinds are actually a modern take on the more traditional vertical blind, and they offer a contemporary minimalist style to the room. They are an ideal option for large windows and doors.

Due to the elegant style and the fact that they offer total control over the privacy and the natural light that enters your home, panel blinds Australia wide are becoming a more and more popular choice. But, that’s not even half of it. Panel blinds have a ton of features that offer great benefits to your home.

The flat panels can be up to 4800mm wide and they are very light-weight. The panels are attached to an aluminum track system with roller carriers and you can easily slide them across the window using a simple wand. You can stack the panels to the left, to the right, or open them in the center. This means that you can adjust the amount of light that penetrates your home with very little effort.Panel Blinds Australia

By far, panel blinds are the perfect solution for full window doors. Full glass doors are a popular choice for home design, but finding the right window treatment for them has been really hard until panel blinds came along. The panel blinds can slide together with the doors, offering convenient use of the entrance while keeping your privacy.

Probably the best thing about this type of window treatment is that you can find panel blinds Australia wide with a variety of colours, styles, and materials to choose from. You can easily find the fabric with the right colour and texture to match, complement, or contrast your overall interior design. The various levels of transparency of the fabrics provide even more control over light and privacy.

This type of blinds is also very easy to clean. You can either use a duster or a small hand held vacuum to keep them in tip-top condition. Even if you have small children running around the house with dirty fingers, there is no need to take them down, wash them, and put them up again. All it takes is a wipe down to have them looking perfect again.

And finally, panel blinds are very cost effective and I’m not just talking about the purchase price. During the hot summer days you can full close them and keep the heat out. This means that it will take less energy for the air conditioning to keep the room cool. The same goes during the cold months. You can completely open the blinds and take advantage of the sun rays to help heat up your home and decrease your heating bill.