Top Things to Consider When Choosing Bar Stools for Your Kitchen Island


Today, it’s hard to imagine having a kitchen island with some sort of bar stools that grace it. Bar stools have become a must-have in modern homes, and quite understandably. There’s no greater pleasure than sitting on a high bar stool having your morning coffee and bagel, and later enjoying a glass of wine after a long day. So, are you ready to complete your kitchen island with the right bar stools? Here’s what you need to consider to narrow down your options.

Swivel Bar Stools


The type of bar stools you choose should reflect your kitchen’s overall design. Pieces made of wood go well with rustic and traditional homes, whereas contemporary stools made of metal and plastic blend in with modern settings. Nowadays, bar stools that are a mix of wood and metal are also very popular as they can make for interesting statement pieces, giving more pep to neutral spaces.


Besides being a cohesive addition to your interior, it’s also important that the bar stools you choose provide you with the utmost comfort and convenience. And when it comes to being comfortable, some simple features can make a great difference. Like for instance, an adjustable height seat and a foot rest that can perfectly accommodate family members and guests of all heights. Since good bar stools can be very heavy, a swivel bar stool saves you from having to pull it away to get in and having to scoot it back so you can reach your plate. What’s more, a swivel bar stool can also be very convenient for turning around and having a glimpse at your food in the oven, or a TV for that matter.

Seating Material

If comfort is of the utmost importance for you, you shouldn’t overlook the seating material. Just like with any chair you spend a lot of time sitting on, it should come upholstered regardless of whether it is made of metal, plastic, or wood. Upholstering with a leather cover provides a great amount of cushioning and has a luxurious appeal. However, it does tend to make you sweaty when temperatures start rising. On the other hand, fabric covers are more breatheable and can come in a wide range of modern designs. One downside though is that fabric covers can easily get dirty and will require more frequent washing – especially when they’re in a lighter colour.


If you don’t choose adjustable stools, they should at least match the kitchen island’s height so that everyone can comfortably rest their arms on the bar. You also need to be careful that the stools are not too high and cause people to slouch. The ideal bar stool has a seat that’s 25 – 30cm lower than the island, which accounts for the right amount of leg space. For instance, a 75cm stool is ideal for the standard counter or a table as high as 100cm.