Beginner’s Guide on Plastic Model Kits for Adults

plastic model cars

They say – boys will be boys…until they become men, I add. But even then, many of us are still pretty childish, and we still enjoy a wide range of hobbies. One of my personal favourites is assembling scale model kits of cars, planes, and everything in between. If you’re new to the hobby, but don’t know where to start looking for plastic model kits for adults who are still beginners and you aren’t familiar with the glossary, worry not – I got you covered.

Let’s start with the basics. The most popular plastic model kits for adults are aircrafts, boats and ships, motorcycle, tanks, trucks, helicopters, and of course, cars. Most of these model kits are based on military vehicles, except cars and motorcycles, which you’ll find from various famous brands. Rarely, you’ll come across kits of sci-fi models, like rockets and spaceships, monsters and aliens or characters from films. Whichever you choose it’s up to you, because you know…different folks, different strokes.

Next, you’ll have to pay attention to the scale, or simply put, the size. The smaller the number (in terms of scale ratio), the larger the end product will be. For instance, a 1:100 means that the model is 100 times smaller than the original vehicles. Some of the more popular sizes include 1:72 and 1:48. Usually, the larger the model is, the less details it has, and the more straightforward it is to build.

You can tell how difficult a model is to assemble by simply glancing over the skill level requirement on the specification sheet. There are 6 skill levels, 1 being the easiest and the most newbie-friendly one. Every next level is gradually increasing in complexity, the necessary tools to assemble it and the skill requirements. Some tools that are usually required to complete a model include: glue, cutting mat, scissors, sharp craft knife, side cutters, paint brushes, cocktail sticks and a flat-nosed screwdriver.

In order to ensure a smooth assembly process, work on a flat, well-lit and clean surface. Also, make sure that the knife’s blade is sharp enough to separate model parts from the plastic sprues easily and cleanly. Non-slip cutting mats provide safety and preserve the quality of the work surface. Moreover, don’t overuse the glue, as it can become messy and the parts can start sliding instead of sticking.

You can buy a plastic model kit in online and brick-and-mortar hobby stores. I’d say shopping online is more convenient as you can choose between a wider range of models the prices are usually lower. Moreover, there are many different brands you can choose from, plus, you get the model delivered straight to your home in a timely manner.