Everything You Need to Know About Deeds Brewery: Explore New Flavours


So, you enjoy beer? What about award-winning and locally-created beer? One company is not afraid to push the flavour envelope just a little bit further. I’m referring to Deeds Brewing and their beer-making philosophy. The inventors have lived in Glen Iris since 2015, but their story begins far earlier. They discussed launching their own brewery while studying engineering at university.

They began contract brewing as Quiet Deeds in 2012. Today, that has evolved into Deeds Brewing. This dedicated group of beer enthusiasts does not want to do things the same way they have always been done. And they don’t have to because that is the joy of an independently owned artisan brewery. Continue reading to learn more about their selection, including two to four new limited-edition beers released each month, with a focus on hoppy, hazy, and sour brews worth sharing.

1. Deeds Infernal Agreement BBA Imperial Stout

The fourth and final release in the 21/22 Fray Series is this Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (ABV 14.5 %). It was made from 18 hand-selected barrels and was aged on vanilla beans and fresh habanero chilli peppers. Sweet, delicious bourbon with chocolate, vanilla, coconut, oak, and a gently pepper aftertaste.

2. Deeds Right In Two Mixed Culture Beer/Wine Hybrid

deeds brewing
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Deeds was finally able to collaborate with long-time friends at Lightfoot & Sons after years of conversations. Brewer and winemaker collaborated to produce a beer/wine hybrid, pushing the limits of what can be accomplished in the brewery using winemaking techniques.

This beer has an ABV of 8.8% and is 100% organically conditioned in the bottle, an example of Australian quality Deeds Brewing beer-making rituals. Some yeast sediment is entirely natural. They recommend chilling for 24 hours upright before opening. Enjoy it fresh or carefully age it, as the beer will get an even more complex flavour over time.

3. Deeds Extravagance Mixed Culture Blueberry Sour

Are you a casual beer consumer who likes fruity flavours with a not-so-strong yet satisfying 6.3% ABV? Your order of choice is a three-barrel blend of mixed culture beer matured in French oak for 12 months and then macerated on blueberries for 7 months at a rate of 570g/L.

In the bottle, this beer is completely organically produced and fermented. Some yeast sediment that you may encounter is entirely natural. Chill it for 24 hours before opening and enjoy it fresh or carefully age it, as the beer will get more dynamic over time.

4. Deeds In Vino Veritas Hazy DIPA

Based on their first Hazy Double IPA, which was originally brewed for GABS, In Vino Veritas, with an alcohol by volume of 8.5%, demonstrates what beer can be when you look outside the barrel. This luscious Hazy DIPA is produced with Sauvignon Blanc Grape added mid-fermentation and then dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Citra, and Galaxy at a rate of 20g/L. It pours a beautiful golden colour and bursts with scents of white wine, fresh gooseberries, and tropical fruit.

5. Deeds Dark Skies Dark Lager

deeds dark skies dark lager
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Kindly find comfort in this single decoction mashed Dunkel created entirely of German components. This includes Munich and Carafa malts, Hallertauer Tradition hops, and an ABV of 5.3% as the brewery continues its journey towards traditional European lager types.

6. Deeds Once More Into The Fray Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 2021

Do you sometimes find it hard to decide between a strong glass of whisky and a uniquely flavoured beer? Well, I may have just the thing for you. This Imperial Stout (ABV 14.6%) was stored in Bourbon Barrels for a year, yielding deep chocolate aromas complemented by vanilla, coconut, whisky, and oak fragrance.

7. Deeds Thought Pattern IPA

Though it is comforting to stay inside the bounds of what is familiar, we must occasionally move outside of ourselves and take the less travelled road ahead. Take a new exit off the same old road. This is an IPA (ABV 7.0%) with the dank bitterness of a west coast IPA built on a fuller malt bill. Crack open a can, take a sip, and see if the experience can keep your Thought Pattern still for a solid moment in time and space.

8. Deeds Living Easy Peach & Lime Sour

Who said breweries could only make beer? Here is a team-up with Up There, a contemporary menswear retailer that knows a thing or two about limited edition items, and Far Side Beers, top-shelf purveyors of all things beer, for this partnership.

The collection includes a limited run of t-shirts, hats, and tote bags, all emblazoned with the collaborative design seen on this can. With a 5.0% ABV, Living Easy is a well-balanced kettle sour with hefty amounts of Peach and Lime underpinned by a Motueka dry-hop. On a humidly hot summer day, relax with a refreshing can of unique sour beer!

9. Deeds A Quiet Deed Oat Cream Hazy TIPA

Deeds A Quiet Deed
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Quiet Deeds Brewing has been on the shelves of your local bottleshop for eight years. Let’s just say a lot has changed in that time, and a lot has happened for this brewery. Something that hasn’t changed is that they wanted to brew beers they liked to drink from the start, and they wanted to do it quietly and humbly.

In celebration of Deeds’ eighth birthday, they brewed a beer showcasing what they had learned over the previous year; a culmination of their annual progress. So here you have it: a huge, bold, magnificent Hazy TIPA with eight hops. At that time, this represented one for each year Deeds Brewery has been in business, signifying the intention to keep experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what we can fit into a can. It goes well with the Pavlova Birthday Beer. Cheers!

10. Quiet Deeds Kapurkova Bohemian Pilsner

quiet deeds kapurkova

Kapurkova Pilsner (ABV 5.3%), which translates to “One for the Gates,” is Deeds Brewery’s tribute to the classic Bohemian Pilsner style. Every night at the conclusion of the night in pubs across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a customer would stand with their full pint and yell “Kapurkova!” Once he finished his pint, the patron next to him would order another round, stand, and exclaim “Kapurkova!” And so on. The moral of the story is to choose the size of your group properly at the end of the night, or you may not make it to the gate!