The Top Coolest Sneakers of 2018


Long gone are the days when women teetered in uncomfortable stilettos on the streets and on every event they had to go. Nowadays, most of them can be seen sporting fresh kicks on all kinds of occasions – from running errands to private parties and even to the beach. The truth of the matter is, sneakers are the most comfortable type of shoes ever invented for both men and women and there really is no logical reason not to wear them anytime you have a chance.

White sneakers are the norm and this year they are present on every market, serving as a canvas for amateur designers to add their personal touch on them. Today, popular brands are focused on blending the past and the future, so you can easily find sneakers that have elements from the ’80s and the ’90s but are used in a rather contemporary way. The sneakers of 2018 just show us how we can use the past trends as launching pads for even more extraordinary designs. Here’s my list of the best street style sneakers of 2018, so far.

Adidas Campus

There is something so cool in wearing the classics. One of my all-time favorites – the Adidas Campus has remained one of the comfiest, simplest and easiest to combine street style sneakers. They come in various hues so you can easily make your pick. Add a hint of colour to your all-black outfit to create the ideal downtown meets uptown cool girl vibe. You can pair them with jeans, all sorts of denim jackets, and even a cotton black dress for that ever-popular casually dressed up look.

Nike Air Max

Nike’s Air Max line has become a staple in the industry and the fascinating thing about it is that the demand for this line grows every year as the family expands. Some models have stuck around for so many years now, like the glorious Air Max 90, while the demand for some models from the more recent years has significantly declined. They have earned their title of being the daddest sneaker type of them all, and that’s for a good reason – they are nice-looking and probably the comfiest type of a sneaker on the market, helping dads all around the globe to perform their daily parenting tasks with ease and convenience.

Air Jordan 1

There is never a bad time to sport your gold sneaker, and the combination of patent leather and gold on the Air Jordan 1 Patent Gold Toe is a real winner. This is a more conservative take on the Top 3 Gold from 2017, however, it is still an awesome look. The interesting thing about Air Jordans is that as much as they may feel luxurious, they also feel very accessible. And yes, they can take you anywhere.