She That Starves Her Fashion Soul Has Never Tasted Bags Love


I won’t argue on the matter of handbag seasonal choices because I can’t describe myself as someone who believes in that nonsense. I want them all and I don’t care what season it is! Even if I do collect handbags with the intention of using them only eventually, it’s still an absolutely reasonable investment, right? At least that’s how I like to explain the big cash withdrawals to my husband.

But ladies, don’t be fooled by what I just said – it’s not the price tag that makes the love for handbags so big, it’s the feeling of how artistically a good piece complements you, removes that feeling that your vision is poor, and it stunningly dances with your shoes. Yes, it’s a moment of handbag poetry, and the point of it is that the right handbag isn’t necessarily the most expensive one.

This post is dedicated to all women who starve their fashion soul on a daily level, convincing themselves that the bag they’ve been gazing upon it’s not worth the money. I really can’t understand how this goes, but I’ll try. I believe that when you stand in front of the large, perfectly decorated exhibition windows of major handbag stores and look at all the trendy handbags for women displayed there, you say to yourself: “Pass it by, this is not your priority right now”. And here is where you’re so awfully wrong.


First and most important of all, you don’t put handbag shopping on the same list as groceries, hygiene products and even healthy diet supplies (it’s true, I know women who would starve for weeks to get the handbag they were in love with)! Before you devote a fraction of your precious time to browse the offers of trendy handbags for women online, or to wander around the stores in search for the right piece, you plan. You plan your finances, see just how much can you afford and how much more you’d need to come up with to get it. And no, you don’t settle with the more affordable but less attractive version, and you most certainly don’t give up. Eventually, you’ll get it, and that’s when the real festivity of the soul begins.

You’d instantly indulge yourself in a session of making combination of outfits, shoes and your new handbag. Then, there’s the series of questions – what would be the first occasion you’d be able to show off your new baby? Who would be there, and who would get to admire it? Moreover, who would be the new girlfriends you’d make because of that handbag? And finally, just how proud would you be to be the centre of attention in a room full of fashionably-conscious people?

Oh yes, be absolutely sure that this will happen to you at least once in your life and you’d want to remember it. Cinderella wasn’t the centrepiece character just because of the shoes she wore; she was the princess in the ballroom – flawless from head to toe.