Things to Consider for Creating a Dreamy Cinderella Wedding


With so many details and décor options, planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when it comes to planning your very own big day. And while this might seem like a mission impossible, there are some simple things you can count on to go a long way. The good news is that these ideas can meet and complement any type of wedding style, whether we are talking about minimalist, rustic, modern or a classic one.

church candle

Hang Some Extra Lights

Regardless of where you want to hold your wedding reception (indoors or outdoors), hanging some extra lights would be perfect. Whether you are considering lanterns, chandeliers or cafe lights, you can be sure that each of these types of lighting can change the atmosphere and give it a more intimate, romantic and warm feeling.

Bring in the Candles

No wedding can be complete without candles – lots of them. In fact, this is the first step towards creating your dreamy Cinderella wedding, so do not be afraid to use a whole bunch of them, such as tea lights, pillars, floating candles church candle types of all sizes, etc. But do not let the name church candle fool you, as they are not designed only for the church. Thanks to their pure white colour, shape, width and size, they are ideal for weddings, birthdays, dinners or any other special occasion, and because of their pillar design, they can be mixed and matched with the flickering glow of luminaries and tealights in order to give your wedding the needed romantic glow and impeccable ambience.

Centrepieces of All Sizes

When it comes to centrepieces you can’t go wrong with flowers. Roses and hydrangeas are the perfect flowers for creating that dreamy wedding of yours, so don’t be afraid to use and mix them. If out of ideas, consult with a florist or your wedding planner (if you have one) to help you create a dazzling mixture of both tall and low centrepieces. By combining some nice centrepieces along with the candles, you can be sure that all of the tables will be breathtaking.

It All About the Details

Once you are done with all of the more demanding tasks, it is time to highlight the whole reception area with something that can pull the whole look together. A guestbook display, cake table, wedding favours and some detail on the chair covers will make whole a lot of difference.