The Craft of Mix-And-Match Style: Tips on How to Achieve Design Balance


Whenever you have the power to make and embrace a change and leave the past to rest, some really good things start happening. Like when you get a new haircut, decide to make something good for your health and give up junk food, or like when you get a puppy. Positive energy everywhere.

I’ve recently discovered the positive power of changes by redesigning my living room. Rather costly, but definitely worth it.

I got so fed up with the eternal, boring three-piece suite that has always been the backbone of any ‘normally’ designed living room. Too mainstream, too ‘already seen’ kind of design and décor, and just plain boring. Moreover, the use of colours was also rather boring because the generally accepted rules of interior design preached that ‘strong, bold colours aren’t to be used in tastefully designed homes’.

Normally neglecting the notions posed by all kinds of ‘interior design expertise’, I decided to give my living room a rather unconventional look through a mix and match action! Mixing and matching colours and styles – what I do best.

modern room

Sofa chairs and accent chairs

Before changing the colour scheme in my living room, I wanted to change the furniture a little. Besides the large corner sofa bed, I wanted to add fancy extra seating in the form of sofa chairs. Sofa chairs are great; they’re mainly large and cozy, making you feel like you’re sinking into their comfort layers. Plus, in the vast online offer I was able to find just the design that complements the large sofa bed. I got just one sofa chair, but it wasn’t enough. So under the influence of the mix and match euphoria, I found a solution in an accent chair. The chair is in the same shade as the sofas, and it has a patterned design, which gives the room just the charm I want. It seems like accent chairs, sofa chairs and big sofa beds can really make a good living room.

Waving shades together

I hate it when the entire room is designed in one colour. It has never been a preference of mine not in interior design subjects, nor in clothing. Mixing shades shows colour intelligence, plus the effect is way better. So, I kind of bent the rules a little and created a mixture: strong brown nuance as a base colour, with rugs, pillows, accent and sofa chairs in shades of ripe quince with patterns in white. Additional shades that can beautify this ambiance are greenery in the form of plants as well as soft orange nuances in paintings on the walls maybe.

The charm of vintage in a modern room

There are certain furniture pieces you can choose to be vintage and still fit the modern scheme perfectly. A coffee table made of thick wood and iron legs, or maybe side tables made in the same way. Whatever you choose in vintage hue will complement any room design, since wood as a material goes perfectly well with almost every interior design.