Scandi-Style Nursery: Create a Room for Your Little One to Dream & Play In


Scandinavian-style furniture has taken the world by storm a while ago and it’s still going strong. Sleek lines, natural materials, durable construction – these are all characteristics that can freely be assigned to this home design style, so it’s no surprise we see it everywhere.

Still, when the Scandinavian style is mentioned, some people’s minds might immediately think “minimalist”, and knowing minimalism they can easily end up at “cold”. It’s true, the Scandinavian style of home design is all about simplicity and functionality, both strong features of minimalism, but it’s also all about style and elegance.

Still, when it comes to this style and elegance, Scandi and minimalism can’t be further apart. Scandinavian promotes a type of style and elegance that also provide warmth and a homely feeling, unlike minimalism, which can give off a sterile, empty vibe.

That’s why, when thinking of how to decorate your nursery, Scandinavian is definitely a strong contender you should consider. Here are a few reasons to incorporate this style into your child’s room and have it look warm, sleek, stylish, and fun!

The Use of Durable Natural Materials

Modern and minimalistic Scandinavian nursery

Scandinavian style furniture and decor is all about natural and organic materials. When you shop for Scandinavian baby furniture, you’ll see that you won’t come across heavy, metal constructions or cheap, plastic items.

What you will come across though, no matter if it’s a crib, a changing station, storage pieces, or chairs and tables, is wood. Scandinavians are all about natural materials and this is heavily translated into nursery furniture as well.

Having natural elements in the home can be really helpful for both our physical and mental health alike, so incorporating this style in the nursery will help you create a safe, pleasant, and cozy environment you and your baby will love.

This is extremely important, especially when you have a newborn in your hands. As lovely as it is, it’s also a very stressful time for everyone, so having the nursery set up in such a way that will promote happy, calm feelings is quite a big plus.

Furthermore, the presence of wood, organic cotton, wool, and all the other organic fabrics and materials will help greatly in keeping the place clean and hygienic. Scandinavian home decor is very much against clutter, so by furnishing your nursery following the style, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

Functional and Safe Designs

Scandinavian nursery design

When on the subject of design, Scandinavians really know what they’re doing, overall and when it comes to Scandi baby furniture.

We went over the natural materials and their importance, but something else Scandi children furniture can provide is an innovative, sleek design that both looks great and is highly functional.

Scandi isn’t a fan of sharp corners and harsh lines and since we’re talking about a nursery, this is a huge positive. We’re sure you’ll want your nursery to be as safe for your baby as possible, and Scandi can really answer to that challenge.

Everything in Scandi kids furniture lines features rounded corners, soft edges, and an overall lightweight aspect to the furniture itself, making it very safe and very easy to work with at the same time. Drawers and cupboard doors don’t slam, they glide. Nursing chairs are filled with foam and have a comfortable outer material. Cribs don’t squeak.

When it comes to colours, Scandi is all about soft, pastel shades of blue, green, pink, and yellow, soft whites and greys, and if there’s anything that’s black, it doesn’t resemble a void, but a natural, simple addition to the atmosphere that averts the eye from all the colourful pieces and tones things down in all the right ways.

Practical and Soothing Decor

Scandinavian nursery furniture

As we said, Scandi furniture is all about functionality and simplicity, but that doesn’t mean that decor is forgotten about. Every piece we’ve mentioned is special and interesting in its own way, basically acting as a decoration piece as well as a functional one at the same time! This is all due to the design.

The fact that the Scandinavian nursery furniture is simple enough opens doors for various Scandi-style decor items to be added to the space and round everything up. Softly coloured kids wallpaper, bookshelves in curious shapes like circles and ovals, bright chests that serve as storage units at the same time, soft, puffy rugs, cute art prints, little stools and practical, patterned ottomans – you can find it all, and we’re sure you’ll love it all.

All of these items follow the same pattern of nature-friendly materials and quality design, so you won’t have to worry about them fitting in with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Final Thoughts

Scandi nursery decor

For parents who don’t like clutter, aren’t fans of bright, intrusive colours, and want their nursery to look both chic and fun at the same time, Scandinavian baby furniture is definitely the way to go!

By choosing this style you’ll create a wonderful little world your baby and you will love spending time in. Scandi is all about that feeling of calmness and coziness, and since nurseries are also all about calmness and coziness, you can see why these two are a perfect match for each other!

Remember to keep it bright and lovely and fill it with all the soft things. The environment will add to the beauty of the bonding process with your little one.