Camping Gadgets and Accessories to Take in the Wild


When it comes to recreational activities to unwind and spend some quality time with family or friends, most Aussies choose camping as it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the captivating landscape Australia has to offer. But embracing the idea of spending some time in the wild requires proper camping preparations to stay safe and ready for different situations, especially if you’re not an experienced camper. So, if you decided to spend the next weekend in the countryside with your loved ones, here are some accessories and gadgets to consider in addition to the essentials such as a tent, first-aid kit and food and water. 

LED Strip Lights to Illuminate Your Camp Site 

There are many ways you can make the most out of your camping trip during the daylight, but what about at night? The moonlight being your only light source doesn’t sound that romantic when it comes to spending the night in the wild, does it? If this thought creeps you out, don’t wait to upgrade your camping gear with a high-quality LED tape light. Not only will having some LED strips around your campsite make you feel safer, but they’re great for adjusting the ambience you desire too.

LED strip lights

But choosing the right outdoor LED strip lights for your tent is not so easy when you get hit by the enormous range of choices the market offers. To make it easier, the first thing you should consider is the durability of the LED tape light, so don’t accept anything that doesn’t offer a lifespan of at least 50000 hours of lighting.

Aside from durability, also consider how resistant the tape is to outside factors. Bad weather conditions such as rains are not that unlikely to happen while camping, so make sure you choose a waterproof set of LED tapes for your tent. This means choosing lights with a silicone outer, accompanied by high- quality DC connectors that are secured together with a silicone seal and screwtape. The silicone materials are also resistant to UV lights, different outer impacts and scratches, so you can rest assured that these lights will maintain their integrity when getting in touch with the most extreme conditions – from high temperatures to heavy rains.

Another important feature you should consider when buying a camping LED strip light for your tent is the range of colours it can produce. Don’t settle for the basic white lights, and get to explore the different types of lights a simple LED tape can offer. Adjusting some warm white lighting gives you the proper lighting for doing everything you can imagine while camping, giving the white light a soothing warm feeling. On the other hand, where there’re no bugs around, feel free to switch to the powerful white light, great for reading a book or writing your daily diary when everyone falls asleep at night.

A great colour option that some LED tape strip lights offer is orange which works like an instant bug repellent, providing at least 90% of bug protection. In fact, some bugs, like mosquitoes and moths are under the influence of the phenomenon called positive phototaxis which makes them move their bodies towards any light source they see in a wavelength between 300 and 600 nm. The wavelength of the orange LED spectrum is 610 nm, making it impossible for the bugs to see. As a result of this, most of the bugs will not congregate around the orange light of the tape because they simply can’t recognise the source it comes from.

Sleeping Essentials to Boost Your Comfort 

man laying inside a sleeping bag

Talking about nighttime comfort, in addition to applying a LED light tape to keep your camping spot brighter, you’d probably want to provide yourself with some comfy sleeping essentials, such as sleeping bags and mattress pads.

When choosing the right sleeping bag, consider the different temperature features for different weather conditions. It’s recommended to always make sure you choose the one with a slightly lower temperature rating than the lowest night time temperature expected at the place you’re going to camp at since you can always unzip it if you become too hot. On the other hand, if you’re going camping in colder weather conditions, make sure you carry a sleeping bag with insulation, for a warm and carefree sleeping in the woods.

In addition to temperature ratings, you should also consider the different shapes of sleeping bags, depending on your sleeping preferences – rectangular or semi-rectangular if you like to spread out, mummy bag if you want to keep snug or a double bag for couples that want to hug.

And while the sleeping bag will keep you warm and protected from outside influences while you sleep, what’s going to keep you comfortable and separated from the cold ground is a cosy mattress pad. Talking about these pads, you can choose from a variety of choices that range from insulated foamy mats that are perfect for colder areas, to the ones that require manual inflation and can be folded to fit the smallest section of your backpack.

Having a warm sleeping bag along with a cosy mattress pad makes it possible to have a good night sleep away from the comfort of your bed, so make sure you get one of each before you decide to spend the night stargazing in nature.

Portable Solar Panels to Stay Charged on the Go 

portable solar pannels

If you’re still not ready to embrace the ultimate “survival” camping experience, then carrying a portable solar panel as part of your camping package is essential. It will make it possible to charge your phone, laptop or tablet with ease, and is great for powering camping luxuries like a microwave or a fridge if you’re going to camp with an RV. 

But if the first thing that pops into your head when talking about solar panels is the image of bulky, heavy boxes taking up 90% of your car trunk, then you’re wrong. Thanks to the advancement in technology, you can find lightweight and flexible solar panels on the market, making it possible to fold them and fit them into the tiniest space of your car boot.

Solar panels need sunlight to work, so take into consideration the weather conditions where you’ll plan to camp and the amount of power you’re going to need. Have in mind that the peak sun hours are the best time to get your solar panel charged, making it possible to convert up to 20% of the sunlight into energy.

If you only need to power smartphones and similar small gadgets, then a small 5-watt panel would be perfect to carry on your trip. But if you want to keep your beer cold in a camping fridge while you “Netflix and chill” in nature, then you should consider getting a panel that features a larger wattage.

Temperature Control Mugs to Enjoy Warm Drinks Outdoors 

The camping mini fridge will keep your beer cold without a doubt, but the only thing you need to keep your coffee warm and tasty for the cooler days is a temperature control mug.

These portable mugs are the most convenient solution for storing warm drinks outdoors, without having to plug them in chargers or any other power devices. You just simply need to brew your coffee at the usual temperature, which is approximately 100°C. The inner walls of these mugs are made of phase change materials, which absorb the initial heat blast from the coffee and stores it as latent heat, which keeps your coffee warm for the next 6 hours at least.

So, if you want to keep your homemade coffee still hot after hours of unpacking in the woods, or wander in the wild while keeping your body warm with some hot tea, make sure you get yourself a temperature control mug for your next camping adventure

Bug Repellents to Keep the Annoying Insects Away 

bug repellents

Surviving without watching movies while having a cup of hot tea in the woods seems highly possible, but what’s definitely not possible is surviving a camping trip in the woods without a bug repellent.

Not only the bugs are extremely annoying and “stick their noses” everywhere, but the Australian countryside is the homeland of many dangerous insects, such as venomous spiders, mosquitoes and ticks that transmit dangerous diseases such as Zika, Malaria, West Nile virus, Lyme disease, etc. So, in addition to the orange LED tape lights we mentioned before, getting properly protected from these mischievous little beasts is possible only with bug repellents.

The annoying bugs are constantly “haunting” you because they’re attracted to human’s skin odour and the carbon dioxide we exhale. At this point, know that the bug repellent only keeps the insects away by affecting their senses, instead of killing them as the insecticides do. On top of that, the bug repellents are skin-friendly and protect you from the disgusting disease-carrying insects for at least 5 hours after applying them. So make sure you pack one into your backpack the next time before you hit the road for the camping ground.

Camping is one of the most amusing and relaxing outdoor activities for everyone, but providing yourself with these gadgets and accessories will make it an even better experience that will become your usual weekend getaway from the city.