Essential Oil Blends: Bring Your Senses Back to Life


We have all been in that unpleasant state of both physical and mental exhaustion after a long day at work or a string of stressful events. We have all been visited by our despised acquaintances named insomnia and anxiety as well. That is when our entire body is screaming for salvation and balance restoration and our mind is starting to turn its back on us. All of these difficulties can be easily escaped if we are willing to give essential oils a chance. Yes, they are here to serve but one purpose and that is to bring our body and mind back to life.

Although many people use essential oil singles, the popularity of essential oil blends is constantly on the rise, and the main reason for that is the possibility to pair one’s favourite essential oils and create a combination of delightful aromas. We believe that before you start thinking about the ideal essential oil blends for your needs and preferences, you need to be introduced to four of the most well-known and available essential oils and the health benefits they yield.

Essential Oil

  • Lavender essential oil – There are so many reasons why we have chosen lavender oil as a must-have in your personal medicine cabinet. This heavenly-scented oil is known to be an effective pain reliever and a great herbal helper for nerve-calming. It also stimulates the growth of new cells, reduces inflammation and fights infection. That’s right, you don’t need one more reason to put it on your shopping list right away.
  • Peppermint essential oil – This natural energy-booster has so much to offer. From helping you beat your bad breath and aiding your digestion, to improving your focus and concentration, this popular essential oil is certainly worth your money. You can combine it with many essential oils, depending on the type of effects you are after.
  • Chamomile essential oil – Despite the need to be cautious when using this herbal oil, it has many medicinal properties. The inhalation of chamomile oil will sooth your mind and lift your mood. Chamomile essential oil can also be used directly on the skin to fight skin redness and pain. It forms very pleasant blends with lavender, jasmine, rose, lemon and many other essential oils.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil – This wonderful gift from Australia’s nature must be one of your options when treating respiratory problems, such as coughs, sinus issues and the common cold. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that eucalyptus oil possesses analgesic qualities, which makes it quite useful for relieving muscle aches. But be extremely careful, this essential oil can be very dangerous if misused.

Let Mother Nature be the intelligent savior she is, let her do her magic on your body, mind and spirit and begin implementing single essential oils and essential oil blends into your daily life. You won’t regret it.