Keep Up with the Trends – Top Corporate Coffee Table Choices for 2019


Creating the ideal office is as much about aesthetics as it is about practicality and ergonomics. In contemporary spaces that have an open floor plan, the task becomes even harder – there are much more pieces of furniture involved, which means you need to carefully choose if you want to add a new one. It will need to blend in the interior design rather than disturb it. But although it is usually the sofa that plays the main role in shaping this relaxation corner’s vibe, it is the coffee table that determines the overall ambiance. So, a striking coffee table can easily alter the appeal of your office and give it a different visual appeal. There are numerous different sizes, materials, and styles that will be trending in the upcoming 2019. Here are my favorite modern coffee table trends that are sure to take over your office’s design very quickly.

The Return of Glass

Glass Coffee Table

Even though these corporate table coffee models may seem fragile and not so easy to maintain, they are real beauties to have. Next year, table glasses are coming in different transparent tones and intricate shapes. It is exactly their transparent nature what enables them to work well with different colors and decor options. Plus, they add a modern twist to any traditional decor you may have.

Copper Is Totally IN

Copper Coffee Table

If you can’t make up your mind what colour your office coffee table should be, take a trip to the modern side and go with copper. This trend is coming up big in 2019 because it is as versatile and bold as it can be. It is not a colour that is frequently used in office decoration, which means that when used – it makes an even bigger impact anywhere you choose to place it.

Marble Magic

This material and colour, as a matter of fact, has been trending for a couple of years now and it is here to stay. There is classic elegance that a marble table coffee brings to a space. It doesn’t disturb the overall ambiance, it looks clean and has minimalist lines. And generally, the simpler the coffee table, the better. This will allow you to have bolder pieces in the decor of your office and your coffee table will keep the simplicity it was meant to have in the first place.

Metal Marble Coffee Table

The Uniqueness of Metal

Metal pieces of furniture may seem a bit intimidating because of how bold and demanding they are. Nevertheless, if you want a piece that will command the attention of your employees and customers, get a metal coffee table. If you want to take this trend even further, choose a piece with texture for a simple but complex feel and look.