Guillotine Trimmer: The Essential Office Stationery


Gone are the days when we used to associate the office as the place with piles of paperwork, yet that doesn’t mean it’s gone all tech and that the days of stationery are over; after all, there’s still some essential paperwork left, as in the example of contracts and the pens needed to sign them.

If your company relies on presentations with lots and lots of handouts that have to be filled, projects that have to be printed, and notes that have to be jotted down, then investing in the required stationery is a must, as I intend to show you with the case of the guillotine trimmer.

Unlike designs before, trimmers nowadays come in compact form, and even though they are machines nonetheless, they can easily find their place on a desk or shelf so they don’t take up much space. If space was your excuse in not having one, it shouldn’t be.

Sure, you can give hand-cutting a go but you risk getting an untidy outcome, which translates to being unprofessional. Why put yourself through all the trouble when you can cut papers and cards to perfection with the help of a guillotine trimmer’s precision? Consistent and clean cut is the trimmer’s signature.Guillotine Trimmer

I don’t have to remind how time-consuming hand-cutting itself can be, and unless you want to employ a person just for the job, you’re stuck with cutting yourself or leaving it in the hands of one of the employees who have other tasks to take care of too. Productivity doesn’t have to suffer at the expense of paper cutting.

Besides, a trimmer is created to be efficient, and the amount you can cut by hand isn’t going to be half the amount the trimmer can. Think cutting about thousands of items per day; scissors are no match for it! Moreover it’s meant to be easy to use, so there’s no special training needed to be able to use one and in any case the machine comes with a manual.

Available for cutting in different sizes, from A3, A4, and A5 to B5, B6 and B7, simply select the size, place the paper or card on the board, and use the handle to cut through. Features like safety locking and anti-slip stand come in handy with the safety and end-product.

Of course, there is a variety of trimmers to choose from, not just manual but electronic as well, and you can make your decision based on the amount of items you cut on a regular basis, along with features you prefer to have and the price. All things considered, it’s a worthy investment that would benefit the business.