Want to Sleep Like a Baby? Get Bamboo Fiber Sheets


Isn’t it incredible just how important sleep is for us to be able to function properly? Something so basic, so needed to our bodies yet it’s something most of us take for granted, and for that we have modern lifestyles to blame, but one can’t deny the side-effects chronic lack of sleep brings. There are of course other reasons apart from a busy lifestyle and the electronics addiction that can disrupt our sleep so instead of a night getting all the z’s, we spend one with eyes wide open. Not many are aware that what separates them from quality sleep can be what separates them from the mattress, the bed sheets.


Having this in mind, it’s important we finally learned to pay bed sheets equal attention as that of bed mattresses. Sure, your bedroom may be the most comfortable place in your home, but is it free of toxins? Anything that’s proudly presented as “no iron” is in fact full of formaldehyde, the toxin used to treat bed linens to make them wrinkle free. The same goes for polyester and acrylic as they’re crude-oil based thermoplastics.

While we may try to keep pesticides away from our food, we are having them pile up in our bodies through synthetic bedding and insomnia isn’t the only health problem that would occur over time. So what are we to do, being surrounded by options that are not exactly made taking our health and well-being into account? Opt for natural organic options, of course, as are the bamboo fiber sheets.

Though it wasn’t exactly the choice for linen in the past, thanks to technology nowadays bamboo made its way among the top organic materials suitable for eco-friendly textile products. Considering bamboo fiber sheets are organic, they are biodegradable meaning they’re ideal if you want to start opting for more earth-conscious items. One of the characteristics they are known for is their distinct softness which is why they’re often compared to silk. Their anti-bacterial properties make them ideal for people suffering from allergies and skin problems.


If you’re usually sweating a lot throughout sleep, you know how much of discomfort that can bring, ridding you of quality sleep. Well, with the help of bamboo and its moisture-wicking properties, you can be sure of a dry and comfortable sleep. Due to thermoregulation, sheets made from this wonderful natural material would keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, so you’d even save some money on heating and cooling costs.

Unlike other fabrics, particularly synthetic ones, if you want to maintain bamboo bedding properly and extend its lifespan, it’s all about machine washing it at 30 degrees, with a mild detergent; once washed dry at low temperatures. Perhaps this sort of textile products may not be as inexpensive as synthetic ones, but the price of your health is too high to pay when making poor choices, so you deserve to treat yourself and your home with some bamboo bedding. As soon as you welcome it in your bedroom, you’d say bye to sleepless nights.