Heelys: Get in on the Fun with Shoes with a Wheel in the Heel


Roller skates are very popular among the young. However, most models are expensive and kids can’t enjoy them everywhere. Nowadays, an alternative to roller skates, that seems to have caught the attention of children in the past 10 year or so, are Heelys. We can see them on kids everywhere, ghost-riding besides their parents in malls and on the pavement. These skates are super fun and can easily convince your kid to go with you anywhere ensuring they will have fun riding on the way.

You can buy Heelys online or in a skate shop. While shopping you’ll find yourself looking at a couple of different models, so there are a few things you should know before deciding which ones you want to purchase for your kid.


Heelys usually have either one or two wheels on the heel. The one-wheel models are easy to maneuver and they can accelerate at higher speeds. The wheel is easy to remove at any time which makes them super convenient since they can be used as regular shoes as well. However, it’s slightly more difficult to keep balance on one wheel than it is on two, so kids who may have poor balance will most likely find it a bit more difficult to learn to ride one-wheel Heelys compared to two-wheel models. The two-wheeled model is more recent and provides more stability and control. You can remove one wheel from two-wheeled Heelys to challenge yourself more, or simply get a feel of how it is to ride on one wheel.

Additionally, you have to decide whether you want your skates to have padding or not as this will affect the comfort and size of the skates. If you decide to go with no padding, you should choose shoes that are one size smaller than what you normally wear. However, if you want them to have padding, you should choose shoes one size bigger than the ones you normally wear. Look up some guide on Heelys sizes and if you have the chance, try different sizes to see which one fit you best.

And last but not least, you have to decide between shoelaces or velcro Heelys. This will mostly depend on your personal preferences, but for younger children who still have problems tying their own shoes, velcro Heelys are the recommended option.

All in all, these skates are quite the fun for all kids, allowing them a unique way to get around and get some exercise at the same time. They are also very stylish and comfortable to walk with and are relatively cheap when compared to conventional skates. Browse the variety of models and buy Heelys online with ease.