Framed Print Art: Essential for Making Your House a Home


Though there’s no specific recipe for success when wanting to create the eye-catching interior décor, because there are so many styles to choose from, different choices of furnishings, lighting fixtures, and textures, for me the recipe for disaster is excluding art from the decorating process. Same as every home should have a library, every home should be filled with art.


As Twyla Tharp, an American choreographer, dancer, and author, once said, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home”; you can make out of your home whatever you want it to be, or rather the place where you want to be, letting it inspire you for upcoming travels, or using your past travels to surround yourself with.

There really is no shortage of framed print art, and there’s just the right piece for everyone’s taste, be it one inspired by the many beautiful landscapes, nature’s finest of flowers, ocean waves, animals, oil painted, pencil drawings, acrylic works, photographic prints… in other words, you have no excuse not to inject your home with some liveliness only art can bring about.

Since art is so universal, yet so delicate, one has to be careful when choosing the framed print art pieces, as well as avoiding making certain rookie art hanging mistakes. Sure, you’d be guided by your interior tones, but that doesn’t mean you have to get that tiring matchy-matchy result, that is same tones with the prints too – art is here to spice things up, not confine within some strictly set out rules, so there are no limits.


The same goes for matchy-matchy art pieces; you want to get a stylish ambiance, not an art gallery, or a museum. In this aspect, it’s necessary to also avoid covering up walls entirely with framed prints; the last thing you want to create is visual clutter.

If you want to avoid odd-looking walls, don’t get art pieces that are either too small for a wall, or too large – buy with the walls in mind. Then again, when it comes to art, it’s not just about walls either, but thinking outside the box, with ideas such as adding a framed print on a hall tree, as part of a bookcase among those piles of books, or right by the side of your favourite sofa.

Same as with TV screens, if you want to make the most of the view, and fully marvel at the beauty of the prints, steer clear of hanging them way too high – you wouldn’t want to get a neck strain for admiring their beauty!