The Ever Changing Interior Style: Contemporary


Though exciting, moving to a new home is not an easy process. First you go through the trouble of actually finding the place you`d get to call your home, then there`s the organising of the relocation of belongings itself which can be overwhelming to say the very least. Trying to avoid all this, my husband and I decided to start our life as newlyweds fresh, from scratch, by moving into an apartment we had yet to furnish instead of bringing our old belongings in.


Since we wanted to keep up the pace with whatever’s the fashion, and came across some eye-catching contemporary furniture on sale, without giving it much further thought, we adopted this interior style in our home. While it’s often confused with the modern style, contemporary style is ever changing, never goes out of fashion, and is a mix of more styles brought together over the decades of the 20th century (the second half), while it’s still evolving, so one’s home with it is always on trend.

When infusing your home with contemporary charm, you can count on contemporary furniture on sale that can be defined as simple, and uncluttered, yet smooth with clean, refined lines, that’s all about its connection with nature and natural materials. This made it easy for me in terms of decorating, as I focused on textures of natural fabrics (silk curtains, cotton sofa covering, jute rugs).

The basic colours you can expect to fill up your home with are black, white, and brown; lots and lots of brown if you opt for the many wood pieces of furniture. Having an open space living room and dining room, we were able to preserve the harmony without creating visual (or any) clutter by bringing in the charms of a natural timber room divider – the bonus is it perfectly matches our wood stump coffee table, and goes just as well with the dining table. Not to mention it also serves as a panel for artsy and photo decorations from our trips.

What I love about this style is you don’t require a great deal of help when it comes to decorating. Bearing in mind nature has a say in it, I was able to spice up the dynamics with some greenery; apart from being beautiful, plants can help with clearing out the air, thus also help with improve our moods, and overall well-being.

Bright walls coloured in some of the neutrals also help with visually opening up the space more, and creating a more welcoming interior. Then again, if you need more of the inviting ambiance, you can always count on making a statement with lighting fixtures. The lamps we got with metallic finish sure work as art pieces too.